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Home Age Space tailored advice service

Age Space tailored advice service

Making the best decisions about care for an elderly parent or relative can feel impossible, particularly in an emergency when you need solutions fast. 

Fear not.  Annabel and her team are experts on all things to do with elderly care and are here to help you every step of the way.

annabel james age space founder

Getting you on the right path today

Whether you’re planning your relatives care before they might need it, wondering when and how to start the tricky care conversation or overwhelmed as a result of an emergancy care situation – our FREE confidential call-back will get you on the right path.

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Making the best decisions about care

An initial call with Annabel or one of her team may be all you need.

We also have a number of different packages of support that you might want to consider if you need more guidance:  

Annabel James Age Space

1. Care advice - free call back and follow up email

An initial 20 minute phone/zoom call to help us understand your situation and concerns: we will then give you an overview of 

  • Care options, including care at home, residential care homes and care homes with nursing
  • Managing the cost of care and state funding of care, including benefits and entitlements
  • Legal aspects of later life and elderly care

Within 48 hours of the call you will receive a tailored summary of advice; it may include initial recommendations for care, along with legal and financial options for consideration.

2. Best care options

Following the initial call and email, we can go on to provide a tailor-made list of suitable care homes or home care providers using our extensive database and insights.  With this specially curated list you will be able to take the important next step of arranging the right care for your relative.

Charge – £300 plus VAT. 

3. Care at home tailored advice

Arranging more care at home and hiring a carer are big decisions with many considerations. We will discuss all aspects of care with you and your relative. Following this consultation we will provide you with a detailed and costed plan of action which may include; 

  • Live-in care or day care options
  • How to employ a private carer (either live-in or day care)
    • Advertising, interviewing and hiring a carer
    • References, DBS checks
    • Setting up a payroll, sick pay and holiday cover
    • Providing the right accommodation for a live-in carer
    • Induction and on-going management of a carer
  • How to choosing the right care agency/provider for your family
    • Short list of relevant homecare agencies
    • Questions and interview process for each agency
    • Advice on how to interview selected carers
    • How to manage the care provider and carer client relationship

We could also provide you with advice on subjects such as home monitoring and other telecare solutions: respite care options; information about local resources to provide ongoing support (charities and other organisations such as food delivery).

Cost – £750 plus VAT

4. Care home search

You may have decided that a care home is the best option.  We would talk through all aspects with you and your relative, any specialist needs, as well as funding and legal matters.  We would explore types of care home and help you decide the right setting for you and your relative.  We would also discuss the practicalities particularly when a spouse is involved.

We will follow up with a plan of action which would include a short list of up to 5 care homes most suitable to your relative’s needs. We will provide you with a guide to assessing a care home and important considerations before moving in.  We may also include information on legal and financial matters and other specialist advice and support.

If you would like us to arrange visits and accompany you to the care homes we would be pleased to do so as a supplementary service.

Cost – £750 plus VAT

5. Other tailored services for you

Where particular specialist expertise is required we would refer you to trusted partners and experts.  These may include:

  • Care assessors – privately paid to help you with care assessments paperwork.
  • Legal experts in elderly matters – registered Solicitors for the Elderly.
  • Finance experts in elderly matters – registered Society for Later Life Advisers.
  • NHS Funding – a range of experts able to help you with NHS Continuing Care applications.
Caring for an elderly relative is complicated, emotional, and it’s what families do.  Let us help you make the best decisions about care.Arrange your free call back today. 

Book your free call-back here

Age Space may receive a small commission on recommended services and products but this will be made clear upon purchase.