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Granny Annexes for Elderly Relatives

Granny Annexes for Elderly Relatives

granny annexe

Granny annexes can be a great solution to allow our elderly parents to live independently, for longer, in a place they can call home. In a perfect world, our parents and grandparents would be able to stay living at home, independently and safely, for much longer than their health might allow. However, there are approximately 418,000 people living in care homes in the UK, despite many of these people not needing extensive care at all – for example if they have had to move when their spouse has needed further care or has died. 

Domiciliary, or Live-in care does allow for people to live in their own home for longer, but at some cost – the average yearly cost of live-in care is approximately £40,000. In all care options, there is also an aspect of outsourcing your parents care to strangers. While there are thousands of great carers throughout the UK, for lots of people they would prefer to provide the minimal care their parent’s need themselves.

“We all want to live in the place we call home, with the people and things we love, in communities where we look out for one another, doing things that matter to us”

Social Care Future

About Kāinga

kainga care granny annexe optionsKāinga was founded by Jeremy Jayasuriya BA (Hons) Social Work who believed there had to be an alternative solution to care homes and live-in care that was affordable and allowed older people to live independently while allowing families to be fully reassured to their safety and wellbeing.

What is a Granny Annexe?

A Granny Annexe, or Garden Annexe, is a way for elderly parents and grandparents to live with, or very near, to their families. Rest assured, Granny Annexes are also a great option for Grandads! Garden Annexes for elderly people mean that families can feel completely reassured to their wellbeing, while allowing them to live completely independent lives. Unlike with some care options, Granny Annexes allow older people:

  • to live in a place they can call home
  • to settle into a community
  • to live the life they want to live safely and independently
  • to be cared for by the people they love
  • to save the money from selling their house

How much do Granny Annexes Cost?

The idea of including a Granny Annexe in your care solution seems like it would be an expensive one, however, compared to the costs of full time care at home, or in a care home, some granny annexe prices can be much less. In England, the average the cost of a care home is £44,000/year, which will vary greatly depending on where you live. Live-in care is likely going to cost around the same. When it comes to the cost of building a granny annexe:

Type of Annexe

Price of Annexe

Full extension connected to house
from £75,000
Permanent Outhouse
from £50,000
Kāinga temporary annexe
from £350 per week

Kāinga Care Granny Annexes

As part of the care solution the Kāinga Care Annexe is designed carefully to meet the needs of the elderly person making sure you are comfortable, safe and feel at home.

Each annexe has been constructed to BS3632 standard (a ruling for park homes and lodges) so you can be assured of the quality of the garden annexe. Fixtures and fittings are robust, tasteful and user friendly given possible limitations in mobility, strength or any other concerns.

Because the annexe is a component of the care solution it is temporary and will be removed when it is no longer needed. It is charged on a weekly basis at a cost affordable to many from £350 per week depending on the style and adaptations you would like. We believe this makes it the cheapest way to have a granny annexe in the UK.

  • Designing a warm, comfortable living space in the Annexe for the loved one; connected to all services. Depending on space available and your preferences the annexe can range in size from 14.5 sqm to 38.5sqm
  • Offering Carbon-Zero solutions where possible. All annexes are designed to minimize their impact on the climate and we will work with you to create as close to a Carbon Zero solution as we can
  • Offering smart technology which will include fall monitors, health monitors, medication alarms, and home security and monitoring systems. There are also communication and GPS systems that can be found if there are worries about this aspect of safety

How long does it take to build a granny annexe from Kāinga?

From start to finish, granny annexes are likely to take at least 5-6 months to build when you factor in planning permission and other variables. While with a Kāinga granny annexe, you will probably still need to get planning permission, as a simple, external building this is likely to be a lot quicker. The other benefit is that Kāinga don’t have to wait for planning permission to get started. While planning permission is being approved, Kāinga can get on with putting together the annexe off-site, which saves a lot of time. Usually, from order to installation, Kāinga estimates it will only take 3 months to get a well-built, comfortable, granny annexe in your garden.

The holistic approach from Kāinga

As we have foundations in social care, a granny annexe is really only 50% of what Kāinga can provide. We understand that your time is precious and sometimes hard to find for busy families. Our wish is that we can bring our expertise and innovation to you and free your time knowing that you  Through Social Work assessments and consultation we will also guide you through any additional support available from the public sector, as well as helping you find the perfect domiciliary care solution for your elderly relative – should they need it. Someone will also always be available to you whenever you need them to discuss any social care queries or worries you have.

Our Social Work assessments will offer you a blueprint of what is needed and why. The plan we jointly agree is informed by the assessments and Kāinga will take up the role of co-ordinating the plan, providing advice and additional services when needed. We take very seriously our responsibility to have Quality Assurance oversight over all parts of the plan and give you peace of mind that the best possible is being done.

We also understand that cost is very important in any decisions that are made. We see our purpose as having care solutions of the best quality at as low a cost as can be achieved. We are confident that our innovative systems will deliver this to you.

We offer a progressive solution to some of these barriers:

  • Design and Install a Kāinga Annexe on the family premises
  • Meet with the loved one and their family
  • Understand their needs
  • Provide an expertly desinged plan for care and happiness
  • Arrange additional care if needed
  • Provide smart technology aids if needed
  • Offer emotional and psychological support for the transition
  • Give the family back their time, and remove stress and strain
  • Give the loved one independence, contentment, and preserve inheritances
  • Keep the family connected and together

Your journey with Kāinga Care starts with a conversation. You can call us, email us or even have a webchat by visiting our website It is important that you feel comfortable and confident in our ability to assist you in a very personal family matter.

However you contact us we will always have a person to person discussion with you. This will then be followed by an in-person or Zoom meeting as it good to see who you are dealing with.

After that, together we begin to move forward and come to the perfect solution for you and your family.

Get in touch

It all starts with a no-obligation conversation with us to discuss your family’s needs.

FAQs on Granny Annexes

Can I put a granny annexe in my garden?

Our annexes range means that almost any garden can have an annexe. Generally our lower limit is a garden of 36 sqm.

What is the meaning behind Kāinga?

Our name reflects idea from Māori culture who value the extended family (whanau), the community (hapu), and Kahinga means ‘Home’:

Māori culture has remained steadfast in upholding elders as, “carriers of culture, anchors for families, models for lifestyle, bridges to the future, guardians of heritage, and role models for younger generations”  (Brendan Hokowhitu et al, 2020).

How much does a granny annexe cost in the UK?

While an Annexe can cost upwards of £50,000, Kāinga annexes only cost from £350/week and can be taken down as soon as they are no longer needed.

Do you need planning permission for a granny annexe built by Kāinga?

As it is a temporary annexe, there is usually no need for planning permission, however, depending on the circumstance we may recommend it.

What amenities and utilities are in a Kāinga annexe?

Each annexe has living space, sleeping space, kitchen and bathroom. The Kāinga Care Annexe is connected to electricity, media services, water and drainage.

Do you have to pay council tax for a granny annexe?

As it is part of the main residence, there is no requirement for separate council tax.

What happens when I no longer need the annexe?

Once you no longer require the annexe, Kāinga Care will quickly dismantle and remove the annexe from your garden.

Can Kāinga help to source a carer?

We have experience of owning an operating home care services, and our social work partners have long expertise in sourcing quality carers. As part of Kāinga's holistic approach to your loved one's well being, we can source you the care that will be best for you.

Images are computer rendered examples of potential Kāinga Care annexes. Due to privacy reasons, real pictures can not be provided.

Cost of care homes –

Cost of annexes (including fittings) are estimations based on data from:,