Dementia Care in Berkshire

Local Dementia Services in Berkshire

The county of Berkshire has an ageing population, with an increasing number of people are living longer lives and moving there for retirement. This means there are also more people living with dementia. Fortunately, Berkshire has support services in place to support local people living with the condition and their carers. Through local charities and NHS services, there is an ever-growing support for people affected. 

In The Spotlight...Five a Day Market, Englefield

gardening workshop dementia berkshireA not-for-profit community gardening project near Theale. Workshops are run for older adults with memory problems. Gardening has been proven to provide social and physical benefits for those with dementia. Sessions are free of charge. 

Help With Caring For Someone With Dementia

Being diagnosed with dementia need not put an end to enjoying hobbies and socialising. Dementia-friendly initiatives are in place to make music sessions, gardening groups and other trips out accessible. These groups also provide an opportunity to meet other people affected by dementia in a fun setting.