Carer Support in Dorset

Carer Support in Dorset

carer support in dorset

Being a carer can be physically and emotionally tiring, so sometimes you’ll need support in order to continue providing care effectively. Friends and family can be a great source of help, but it is worth knowing that there are are plenty of carer support options in Dorset that can offer that extra help or advice.

This page will help you to find the carer support groups nearest to you, as well as what types of assistance they can provide.


Carer's Assessment

The carer’s assessment is an opportunity to discuss your caring role and what support you may need. You can get help as a carer regardless of whether the person you care for receives support from the council or pays for their own care. You also don’t necessarily have to live with the person that you’re looking after, or be caring full time to have an assessment.

Your assessment will focus on the impact that caring has on you and should cover:

  • your caring role and how it affects your life and wellbeing
  • your health (physical, mental and emotional)
  • your feelings and choices about caring
  • work, study, training and leisure
  • relationships, social activities and your goals
  • housing
  • planning for emergencies

To complete a Carer’s Needs Assessment in Dorset, use the link or contact details appropriate to you below.

Dorset Council Area
Bournemouth, Christchurch & Poole Council Area

Register with your GP as a Carer

If you inform your GP of your caring role, they will be able to offer advice and support for you. Your GP practice should have a dedicated person who can help you by providing information and advice on:

  • any medical conditions; including treatments for the person you care for
  • services provided by the NHS, such as continence services and patient transport to hospital appointments
  • advice regarding other services and welfare benefits
  • carrying out home visits to you or the person you care for, if it is difficult to attend appointments at the surgery
  • arranging appointments for both you and the person you care for at the same time to avoid having to visit the surgery twice
  • arranging for repeat prescriptions to be delivered to your local pharmacy, to save you picking them up

This will also mean your GP will be aware of your caring responsibilities, should you need treatment or hospitalisation, unexpectedly.

Carer's Support Groups

Other carers can provide moral support, advice and expertise based on similar experiences. A list of Dorset’s carer support groups can be found on Dorset Council’s service provider directory.

Carer Support Dorset

Carer Support Dorset is the leading organisation for carers in Dorset, offering advice and support to all unpaid carers across the county. Carer Support Dorset’s aim is to create carer-friendly communities where carers are recognised, valued and supported. Visit the website below or get in contact with them for more information on what they have to offer.

The Leonardo Trust

The Leonardo Trust is an independent charity that helps people in Dorset who care for a sick or disabled relative or friend, full time. The Trust may be able to help you with funds for a short break; help in the home, replacing broken household items, such as a washing machine, or learning new skills.

Dorset Carer's Card (Carer's Resource Information Support Programme)

carer support in dorset

The Dorset Carers Card recognises unpaid carers across the county. Carer’s can get hold of one by signing up to the Carer’s Resource Information Support Programme (CRISP) in Dorset to receive discounts on goods and services.

To sign up to this programme and receive a Dorset Carers Card, visit the CRISP website and follow the appropriate links for your location.