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The legal side of getting older can be very difficult, for elderly parents themselves and for families, particularly if nothing or not much is in place in the event of death. Our partner Ashtons Legal has a wealth of useful guidance and information in this section from why a Will is so important, to planning for care from a legal perspective.

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Ashtons Legal seeks to guide you through elderly care in Norfolk by providing information and advice on issues you might be facing. Our aim is to make a potentially difficult time less stressful for you. 

Will writing in Norfolk

Our legal partner, Ashtons Legal, which has offices in Norwich as well as across Suffolk and Cambridgeshire, offers this advice on the subject of writing a Will.

Around two thirds of adults in the UK do not have a current Will, and many of them are probably unaware of the implications of dying unexpectedly without one, and their estate being subject to the ‘intestacy’ rules.

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