Dementia Care in Surrey

Local Dementia Services in Surrey

The county of Surrey has an ageing population, and therefore an increasing number of people are living with dementia. Fortunately, Surrey has an integrated strategy in place to respond. NHS bodies, charities and local groups are working together to create a community that supports people living with dementia. The overarching aim is to improve the preventing, diagnosing, supporting and dying elements of dementia care. 

Patchwork Gardening Project, Dorking

First established in 2014, the Patchwork Gardening Project aims to bring change to people’s lives through gardening and friendship. The project specially welcomes those living with dementia and has proved to help people feel more relaxed and connected. 


Help With Caring For Someone With Dementia

Being diagnosed with dementia does not have to put a stop to activities and outings that somebody once enjoyed. There are dementia-friendly initiatives in place to ensure church services, art sessions, exercise groups remain accessible. Being part of such initiatives brings a sense of belonging, and is a great way to meet other people affected by dementia.