End of Life Care & Support in Sussex

Palliative Care in Sussex

Palliative care is all about making the end of somebody’s life the most comfortable and dignified that it can be. This can encompass nursing and medical care, as well as ensuring that people and their loved ones are emotionally, physically and spiritually taken care of.

Age Space has put together the following guide to take you through the best palliative care services that are available across Sussex.

In The Spotlight... Hospices in Sussex

There are a great number of hospices all across East and West Sussex doing incredible work for elderly people nearing the end of their lives. Many of them offer in-patient units, day activities and a huge amount of support to carers and family members both before and after a loved one has passed away.

You can click the link below to find out more about all of the hospices in Sussex.

Planning a Funeral In Sussex

Age Space has put together the following guide that aims to assist you in organising a funeral that honours the memory of your loved one, in whichever way is most suitable.

Dealing with death and grief

Grief affects everybody differently and there is no wrong way to feel after a loved on passes away. This period of time can be made that little bit easier by making use of some of the bereavement support that’s available across Sussex.