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Memory Moments Dementia Café Opens At Brighton Community Pub

Brighton & Hove Dementia Action Alliance were joined by Brighton Mayor, Mo Marsh and Peter Field, Lord Lieutenant for the opening of the Memory Moments dementia café at the well renowned Bevy Community Pub. The initiative encourages those living with dementia to enjoy every day and routine activities like going out for a coffee.

Brighton & Hove Dementia Action Alliance have been awarded the Dementia Friendly kite mark for ‘working to help Brighton & Hove become a Dementia Friendly Community’ following a huge effort by the Dementia Action Alliance to raise awareness through a wide range of community based  initiatives.

Dementia Cafe makes a real difference

Matthew Moors, who leads Brighton & Hove Dementia Action Alliance explains “It’s brilliant to see our projects making a real difference and each new Dementia Cafe has been a huge success. Other projects have used film, music and drama to help celebrate the lives of people living with dementia and we have also delivered an extensive programme of dementia awareness raising workshops for businesses and organisations. As well as all this we are starting a chess club at Age UK Brighton & Hove to look at helping reduce cognitive decline and reduce isolation“

Mathew Moors continues, “There are more than 2,800 people living with dementia in Brighton & Hove. Sometimes something as simple as going to the bank can be a daunting prospect so the professional community needs to do more to accommodate and make it easier for those that are living with dementia.

The work we have already done and attaining the kite mark for the City has been a great achievement, and Brighton & Hove should be very proud. However, most of the initiatives focus on leisure and social support.

coffee and cake

“What we recognise is that people need more support to accommodate their everyday needs so things like going to the bank or the shops become less stressful and more like an everyday task that someone living with dementia can feel confident about doing. The easiest way for organisations to make a difference in this regard is to raise awareness of dementia to their employees through some awareness raising events so they are better placed to engage with people living with dementia in a supportive way”.

Rix & Kay have teamed up with Brighton & Hove Dementia Action Alliance, hosted by Age UK Brighton and Hove, to encourage more businesses across the City to take direct action to help make their organisations Dementia Friendly.

Amanda Attrell who is a Dementia Friends Champion and leads Rix & Kay’s specialist Later Life Team that provides services to those living with dementia, explains “I’m one of two Dementia Friends Champions at Rix & Kay. This means I’m a trained volunteer that can provide Information Sessions that aim to increase understanding of dementia and inspire people to take action to help support people affected by dementia in their community.  The Information sessions are free and last no longer than an hour.”

“There are Information Sessions taking place across the country which the general public can attend.  It is also possible for businesses and organisations to hold private sessions for their staff.  This is a simple yet hugely effective way to help businesses become more aware of dementia and ultimately to help make their organisations more accessible to others”.

Rix & Kay plan to host morning Information Sessions for the public as well as offering Sessions to regional businesses. The initiative is part of the firm’s making law easy proposition that focuses on making legal services as easy and accessible as it can possibly be for both business and individuals.

For more information about Dementia Friends Information Sessions email :

For more information about joining the Brighton and Hove Dementia Action Alliance email Matthew Moors :

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