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#Nomoreslippers and soap, please!

Age Space is supporting the #NoMoreSlippers campaign which is on a mission to challenge those preconceptions about what older people want.

New research has revealed that over-65s are are hoping for more than soap and slippers this Christmas, with hot air balloon rides and skydives on their lists instead.  

In a survey of 1,000 British adults over the age of 65 commissioned by Red Letter Days 33% of those who expressed a preference confirmed they’d be pleased to receive a ‘somewhat’ or ‘very’ adventurous gift this year. 


And a decisive 28.2% of the over-65s respondents revealed they definitely don’t want to find the stereotypical offering of slippers in their stocking this festive season.

In the survey, carried out by OnePoll, 20% of over-65s would be delighted to drive an F1 car, fly a plane or skydive this Christmas. It debunks the damaging stereotypes about what over 65’s are capable of.

17.9% of respondents said a hot air balloon ride is the gift they’d most like to receive, and 24.1% would rather indulge in a spa treatment than a bag of Werthers.

Do what you love

The results come as Red Letter Days launch a campaign to encourage families to empower older friends and relatives to continue to do what they love. So the #NoMoreSlippers campaign reminds everyone to ask and listen to loved ones’ Christmas wishes, rather than making assumptions.

“We’re delighted to be supporting such an important and uplifting initiative from Red Letter Days this Christmas. So empowering people to get the most out of later life is top of our agenda. 

“To continue to do the things you love and try out new things is important whatever your age, and even more so as you get older. The benefits of keeping active, busy and engaged are well documented.  Campaigns like this from Red Letter Days are an important reminder to us all not to under-estimate older relatives and friends.”

Annabel James, Director at Age Space

Dan Mountain, CEO of Red Letter Days said:

“This survey clearly shows that over-65s maintain a sense of adventure and excitement long after some might consider them ‘past it’. These stereotypes are hugely damaging as older people continue to contribute significantly to our society. That’s why we’re running a campaign to showcase what over-65’s across the UK really want this Christmas.”

“To challenge these common preconceptions, we’ll be making multiple Christmas wishes come true for older people between now and 25 December. From tattoos to spa days, epic skydives or a day trip somewhere special, we want to hear what gifts and experiences the over-65s actually want. Because a sense of adventure doesn’t disappear with age!”

Share the ultimate Christmas present – and it could become reality!

As part of the campaign, RedLetterDays will be giving exciting experiences to over 65s across the UK. Brits over the age of 65 are encouraged to share what their “ultimate Christmas present” would be for a chance to have their dream made reality.

Entries can be made directly, or people can be nominated by friends and relatives. Enter your Christmas wish via the #NoMoreSlippers online entry form, on social media, or by post. Full details below. The deadline for entries is 25th November.

Ageism is a rising issue in the UK, despite the fact that adults over the age of 65 contribute £152 billion to the UK economy each year through employment, caregiving and volunteering.

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