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Honey Legal is a family of legal experts that knows how to talk to other families - they keep everything simple and clear.

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Safe, Secure, Simple Wills

Honey Legal believe that everyone should have a Will so that you have complete control over what happens to your assets.

  • A personal & professional Will writing service
  • In-home visits
  • Trained consultants
  • Taking you through the whole process from taking instruction to signing and storage

Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)

As we get older we should all think about having a LPA in place early, so the decisions we can no longer make are made by the people we trust.

  • Without a LPA you will have to apply to the Court of Protection for a deputy which costs time and money
  • A LPA allows you to appoint someone of your choice to manage your own affairs
  • There are two types of LPA: Property & Financial Affairs and Health & Welfare

Estate Planning and Trusts

Honey Legal can give your family peace of mind that your assets such as property, savings and investments are protected especially when it comes to meeting care costs. 

  • The difference between a Will and a Living Trust is that a Will only becomes into effect after you die and probate has been completed.
  • A Living Trust bypasses the time-consuming process of probate and assets can be managed without the need to wait for the Grant from the Court
  • Your beneficiaries can receive assets at a time that's right for you and them

With a 35 strong legal team (including SRA-registered solicitors) you can be assured you are in safe hands.

I have had a lovely meeting with Emma who was very patient with me at a very distressing time for my family. She explained things fully and answered all of the questions that I had. There was no pressure selling and she was there to genuinely help me find the right solution for me. A sea of calm and kindness.

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