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Web of the Week – Simplifying the Internet

Web of the Week – Simplifying the Internet

We love discovering new sites and ‘Web of the Week’ has made it much easier for us by publishing a weekly roundup of 10 of the most uplifting things that people can view, do, follow or share online. Click on the community tab and you’ll see Age Space even made the cut.

This week we loved watching a video of a Gorilla being reunited with the man who raised it. Kwibi the Gorilla had been in the wild for over 5 years when Damien came to visit him in Gabon. This moving video shows just how strong the bond between humans and animals can be!

It is completely free and also has a library of easy-to-follow video tips on things such as “How to watch a YouTube video” and “Making a video call using Zoom”.

Every Sunday, a new webpage goes live featuring 10 new articles or videos focused on the arts, music, history, gardening, sport, travel, entertainment and health. It helpfully says how long each video or article will take to read.

Web of the Week was founded in May 2020 by father and son duo, Iain and Guy Vellacott. Their aim is to help the older generation feel more confident and secure using the internet. Together they spend hours researching content from websites including BBC, National Trust, museums, orchestras and art galleries. They also source content from smaller YouTube channels such as The Royal Family, sports clubs and travel writers.    

Guy films a weekly video introduction with tips to make everything as simple as possible. Start discovering the internet now –

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