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TV, tablets and more – News Space 23 November 2018

Annabel James checks out the latest news and views…

Lifeline or luxury?

There is a chance that television licences won’t be free for over 75s in the future – and that is causing all sorts of controversy. The BBC is launching a consultation period to decide how licence fees for over-75s should be paid for.

They are currently financed by a government-funded scheme,  due to end in 2020. It is expected the cost of free licences to the over-75s will total £745m – a fifth of the BBC’s current budget by 2021/22. The consultation period is running for 12 weeks from 20 November until 12 February. There is more information about this on the BBC website

Popping those pills

A product design student at Leeds University, Henry Simpson is conducting a survey about medical packaging. He wants to hear from anyone who has dexterity issues about their experiences accessing medications.medications 257336 640

His major project is focusing on medical packaging, and in particular, how people with limited dexterity or dexterity issues can struggle with accessing medicine. He has drawn up a short questionnaire, which is aimed at people who have issues with dexterity and take medication.

You can find out more and take part in the study here.

COPD – the online breath test

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, describes a group of lung conditions that cause breathing difficulties. Living with COPD makes it difficult for sufferers to breathe and may find everyday tasks a challenge. Lots of people have COPD and don’t realise, which means the condition can progress quickly as they’re not receiving treatment.

This week saw World COPD Day, set up to raise awareness of COPD and improve care for people living with it. The online breath test from the British Lung Foundation is a free online tool that can people find out more about their lung health and whether they should speak to a  nurse or doctor.

Why Admiral Nurses are so important 

Here at Age Space we are huge supporters of Admiral Nurses who provide specialist dementia support to people with the condition and their families. Unbelievably, although specialist Admiral nurses can prevent hospital admissions and save money, there are only 200 in the UK and many counties have none at all.

Here’s an interesting read in The Guardian that shows why Admiral Nurses are so vital.

Beat those scammers

Pension scam victims are losing £91,000 on average, according to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Pensions Regulator. Here are a number of ‘red light’ words used by those behind scams used to entrap vulnerable Britons:

  • Pension liberation
  • Cashback
  • One-off investment
  • Limited time offers
  • Loophole

Hear one or more of these and beware. Read our blog too on how to help older relatives Beat the Scammers

Older people and electrical firescandle 2339695 640

Dozens of electrical fires are tearing through the homes of older people every week. Those who live alone are particularly at risk of experiencing a blaze, a consumer charity has warned. Twelve accidental electrical fires take place every day on average in the homes of older people living by themselves, according to Electrical Safety First (ESF).

As the weather gets colder, it’s surely worth a check of older relatives appliances and plugs. More here

And finally…

Just a reminder that our latest AgeSpace Money podcast is all about that thorny topic of inheritance. Listen to it here