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19th October 2020

WIN a SureSafe Personal Alarm worth £174.95!

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The SureSafeGO Family Monitored Personal Alarm

Enter our exclusive competition to win a highly rated SureSafeGO Family Monitored Alarm from SureSafe Alarms. The SureSafeGO Family Monitored Alarm is a fully mobile personal alarm that can be used both in the home and ‘out and about’. It is packed full of features including an SOS button, automatic fall detection, the ability to talk through the pendant and is water proof for use in the shower – the highest risk place for a fall!

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The SureSafeGO Alarm will call and text up to 3 telephone numbers when the SOS button is pressed, or a fall is detected. Responders can then talk to the alarm user directly through the pendant to find out what is happening, and let them know that help is on the way. Additional safety for your loved one, and peace of mind for you! There are no ongoing monthly fees with this alarm, and SureSafe are also including 6 months free SIM credit for the alarm to be able to make SOS calls and send SOS texts. Enter the competition now and don’t miss the opportunity to win a SureSafeGO to keep you or a loved one safe. This is package, including the alarm itself and the free SIM credit, is worth just over £174! You’re never alone with SureSafe! 

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