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Easy ways to decorate your windowsill by room 

Windows aren’t just for opening and closing. They’re for gazing, dreaming, tea-sipping and sunbathing – and decorating. And we’re not just talking about blinds, shades and curtains, though those are important too. We mean windowsills – they’re those slivers of window that tend to end up going unused. Because what can really fit in such a small space? We’re so glad you asked! 

No matter which room in the house, there’s a windowsill decoration for you. Here are a few room-by-room ideas for sprucing up your windowsill. 

Lounge windowsills 

Lounge windowsills were practically made for potted plants. Hung from curtain rails, perched on books for different heights or even just on their own, potted plants brighten up even the blandest view.  

But if you don’t have a green thumb, not to worry – problems arising from a lack of shelf space can be answered by a row of your favourite books lined up along the windowsill, or stacked magazines. You can position trinkets and vases on top of magazine stacks for a layered look, too. 

Bedroom windowsills 

If you’re lucky enough to have a windowsill that’s big enough to sit on, popping on a few cushions can make it a cosy little nook for enjoying a book. But if you only have limited sill space – as so many homes do – bedroom windowsills can provide great storage opportunities.  

Mirror trays for perfume look sophisticated and catch the light, while jewellery stands, candles or picture frames work well too. They’re small enough to fit on a windowsill but sometimes too bulky for other bedroom surfaces like nightstands or dressers. 

Kitchen windowsills 

There’s nothing better for a kitchen windowsill than a little herb garden. Think of it as edible décor. Plus, if your kitchen window sits right above your sink, you’ll be less likely to forget to water the plants. 

Your kitchen windowsill is also another great storage spot for bits that’ve managed to overflow from your cupboards. Spices, crockery filled with assorted ingredients or pasta and even cookbooks can all function as decorations with a purpose. 

Bathroom windowsills 

Bathroom windowsills tend to run on the smaller side by nature, but shouldn’t be overlooked. A few glass jars filled with cotton buds and other bathroom accessories or – depending on where your window is positioned – a soap dispenser or candle holder all make great use of a confined space. 

If your bathroom’s windowsill is much smaller than most, stones you’ve collected from the beach look sweet lined up, as do seashells and individual tealights.  

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