Gardening for Granny (and Grandad)

Gardening for Granny (and Grandad)

We all know how therapeutic gardening can be, and the key is to work out ways to carry on gardening, whatever your age or ability. Getting your garden design right is a good start, and you might want to start thinking about raised beds or how to be able to garden sitting. the important things it being able to carry on.

We’ve teamed up with Jo Gosden, marketing manager at Notcutts Garden Centres, who looks after gardening and plants. Here she offers her gardening for the elderly tips:Put in flat wide paths, if necessary

  • Plan the garden – i.e. if you have sloping banks, think about levelling and terracing before mobility becomes a problem.plants
  • Maybe adapt your beds to raised beds, to minimise bending and kneeling (you could recycle sleepers or old bath tubs to add interest).
  • Work within your capabilities – keep borders or planted areas to a reachable width when you’re sitting.
  • Choose low maintenance plants which look good all year round.
  • Ground cover shrubs will help keep weeds down and add interest.
  • Make life easier by grouping containers together – so if you’re watering you only have to do one area.
  • Mulch – to prevent weeds and keep plants watered for longer.
  • Use a hose, where possible, and leave out in the hot summer months.watering
  • Get a lightweight watering can which makes carrying easier, and have a water butt at the bottom of the garden.
  • Top tip: children’s tools are often lighter and easier if you suffer from joint pain – visit the store and try the tools for weight and fit before you buy.
  • Have stable chairs spread around your garden and easily accessible tables.



Notcutts, Daniels Road, Norwich, NR4 6QP. Telephone 01603 453155. Opening hours are 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday, and 10.30am to 4.30pm, Sunday.  Notcutts works with Thrive, a charity which can offer loads of advice for easier gardening. It can offer great advice for gardening after a stroke and with heart disease; sitting down and from a wheelchair; with sight loss; with a weak grip; with one hand; if you can’t bend easily; and for emotional wellbeing. Visit