Help With Choosing a Care Home in Buckinghamshire

Help With Choosing a Care Home in Buckinghamshire

Buckinghamshire Countryside - Help with choosing a care home in Buckinghamshire

If it is time to look for a care home for the person you care for, choosing the right one for them can feel overwhelming. Ensuring that they are safe and happy is paramount, but there are so many other factors that need taking into account, such as the location of the home, what facilities it has and how much it will cost, just for starters! Here, Age Space provides a guide to assist you in choosing a care home in Buckinghamshire.

Once you have a good idea of the type of care home your relative needs, you can use Age Space’s guide and checklist for finding a care home.

Finding Buckinghamshire Care Homes

Age Space is working hard on making our own care home search engine to help you find the best care home options in your area. In the meantime we recommend using a directory like

Different Areas to Consider in Buckinghamshire

On the outer circles of London, Buckinghamshire boasts vibrant market towns, stunning countryside and brilliant museums. Below, we have briefly provided an overview of the 4 districts and Milton Keynes, including the benefits to each. To find out more about the natural and cultural attractions in the county; visit our page on the best cultural gems in Buckinghamshire.

Milton Keynes

“The city in the country”, Milton Keynes has over 6000 acres of parkland, as well as rivers and lakes which complement a busy and active city centre. With exceptional links to London; Milton Keynes is a great place to keep families entertained and you’ll never be left wanting for a day out idea with the grandparents. At the centre is Milton Keynes Hospital, a large general hospital – see the updated CQC rating.

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Aylesbury Vale

Home to 350 square miles of leafy green countryside, charming market towns, quaint villages and plentiful attractions, Aylesbury Vale is a wonderful place to grow old in. Stoke Mandeville hospital (CQC rating) also lies in the heart of Aylesbury town.

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Find a host of historic towns, sporting venues, accessible attractions and picturesque scenes in the district of Wycombe. High Wycombe, Princes Risborough and Marlow are the main towns in the area, all of which have great shopping opportunities and cultural attractions, while maintaining a sense of rural charm.

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Buckinghamshire windmill - choosing a care home in Bucks

The Natural Museum at Tring, Ashridge National Trust estate and The Chiltern area of natural beauty all call Chiltern district their home. With great transport links throughout the district, large market towns also provide every amenity and entertainment you can think of to enjoy on a day out with your elderly relative.

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South Buckinghamshire

Encompassing Slough, the outer reaches of London and a short drive from Heathrow; South Buckinghamshire is the first taste of rural life as you exit the capital. South Buckinghamshire has plenty of small towns, road and rail connections and days out to enjoy. It does, however, have the fewest number of care homes to choose from out of the other districts on this list.

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Average Buckinghamshire Care Home Fees

How much you can expect to pay for a care home per year depends on whether or not the older person in question requires residential care only, or residential with nursing care. In the UK this is usually around £37,237 per year (residential) and £51,700 (nursing).

Given its proximity to London, the South East of England is averagely the most expensive region in the UK to pay for a care home, along with the South West. This doesn’t mean that you can expect to pay the prices below as care home fees are dependent on a lot of things, such as location, facilities, space, type of care, length of care, staff per resident and preference.

 ResidentialWith Nursing
Frail Older£41,868£58,192

Estimates taken from a study by LaingBuisson from the Care of Older People UK Market Report 2018, adjusted for inflation

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Life in Buckinghamshire

Buckinghamshire Woods - Benefits and Drawbacks of Life in Buckinghamshire

While Buckinghamshire is a potentially expensive place to find a care home, there are many benefits to it. There is an above average quality of life, for a start, as well as great transport links across the country – so your parents are never more than a train or a bus away. This also means there is an exceptional availability for services of all kinds; including those for elderly people, e.g. specialist health services.

Milton Keynes is also a large city with plenty to see, do and buy. With large malls, lots of parks, museums, art galleries and attractions; Milton Keynes will have everything you need. There is also plenty of countryside to enjoy, scattered with stately homes, national trust properties and alike – perfect for a cultural day out in Buckinghamshire.

Hospitals in Buckinghamshire

There are 4 major hospitals in Buckinghamshire and several smaller, community hospitals throughout. Follow the links below to the up-to-date CQC ratings for each hospital. You can find out more about the major and community hospitals in Buckinghamshire here.