Will Writing Services in Buckinghamshire – Average Fees of Solicitors

Will Writing Services in Buckinghamshire – Average Fees of Solicitors

Will Writing Services in Buckinghamshire

When it comes to writing a Will it is important to do it right. This will help save a lot of hassle and confusion down the line. While it is completely feasible to take on writing a Will yourself – getting some legal advice is advisable to make sure that the wording is completely airtight and accurately describes your parents’ wishes. If getting a local service is the option your relative would prefer, Age Space has compiled a list of Will writing services in Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes and their average fees.

We have divided this list into solicitors and Will writing companies. Solicitors will often charge a higher rate to write your Will, however, they will argue this is justified as you get access to qualified lawyers who will be able to legally advise on issues such as inheritance tax. Will writing services don’t need to use lawyers, however, they work only within Will writing and so might actually have a greater experience with writing Wills.

There is no right answer to which option you choose, as it also depends on what an individual needs from a Will, how complicated their estate is, whether their Will is part of a shared Will with a partner or not, and their budget. One other option is online Will writing services. These companies will often offer their services at much reduced prices, sometimes as low as £20. We have compiled a list of some of the best services out there and, in some cases, even secured a unique Age Space discount code. Find out more on 10 of the Best Online Will Writing Services.

What Solicitors Charge in Buckinghamshire for Writing a Will

BWK Solicitors

Legal Team with a wealth of experience with writing Wills. BWK Solicitors take time in learning exactly what you want through two consults and are dedicated to provide a Will that truly represents your wishes. They have offices in Chalfont, Great Missenden and Stone.

Price of a Single Standard Will = £245 + VAT

  • Telephone: 01494 870075
  • Email: info@BWKsolicitors.co.uk

Wilkins Solicitors – Aylesbury

Wilkins Solicitors specialise in Wills and probates, so they can not only provide you with a Will that suits your individual needs but they can also help appoint executors and give advice on matters like inheritance tax. Their office is in Aylesbury.

Price of a Single Standard Will = £200 + VAT

  • Telephone: 01494 88 00 69
  • Email: mail@wilkinssolicitors.co.uk

Parrott and Coales – Aylesbury

Based in Aylesbury, Parrott & Coales’ team of expert solicitors will guide you through the Will making process personally. They will help you to make a Will that reflects both your personal and financial position. Parrott & Coales can also help protect against care home fees and help minimise inheritance tax for the best possible outcome for your beneficiaries.

Price of a Single Standard Will = £250 + VAT

  • Telephone: 01296 318 500
  • Email: law@pandcllp.co.uk

Browns Solicitors – Aylesbury & High Wycombe

Browns focuses on strong, clear Wills provided for a transparent fixed fee by solicitors and experts that care about you. Their team will take you through the Will making stages form initial consult, to construction, to advising on executors, registration and storage.

Price of a Single Standard Will = £195 + VAT

  • Aylesbury: 01296 338633
  • High Wycombe: 01494 670787
  • Email: wills@brownssolicitors.co.uk

Alternative Will Writing Services in Buckinghamshire

Marlow Wills – Marlow

Will Writing Services in Buckinghamshire

Marlow Wills can talk to you about your Will wishes either in person in the area or over the phone. They will then construct your Will within 3 days, accompanied with a simple breakdown, explaining each clause in simple terms. For Marlow Wills, making sure their client understands everything is paramount – they won’t baffle you with any Legal terminology at any stage.

Price of a Single Standard Will = £200

  • Telephone: 01494 88 00 69
  • Email: enquiries@marlowwills.co.uk

Wilkes Wills – Amersham

Wilkes Wills will provide a professionally made Will, tailored to you. On their website they run through the entire process from first consult to finished Will, explaining what happens at each step. In addition to the Will services they offer they can also offer Will storage and a detailed breakdown of each clause to accompany the Will.

Price of a Single Standard Will = £150

  • Telephone: 01494 815257
  • Email: info@wilkeswills.co.uk

The Will Writing Company – Milton Keynes

This company specialises in Will writing only, and therefore is not a legal firm or solicitor. A benefit to this is that they can quickly create a great simple Will for you, much cheaper than a solicitor, however, they might not be best placed to offer legal advice or additional services. The Will Writing Company has offices in Bedford and Milton Keynes.

Price of a Single Standard Will = £85

  • Telephone: 01908 299 411
  • Email: enquiries@thewillwritingco.co.uk

Oliver’s Wills – Milton Keynes

Oliver’s Wills provides a personal and professional approach to Will writing. They belong to the leading Will writing body, the IPW, and are highly knowledgeable and up-to-date with the current affairs concerning inheritance, probate, and trust law.

Price of a Single Standard Will = £175 + VAT

  • Telephone: 0800 3 345 245
  • Email: info@oliverswills.co.uk

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