Support in Grief and Bereavement

Support in Grief and Bereavement

Talking to friends and family about your feelings, and about the person who has died, can help.  Talking about old times, fun times, looking at some photos can be of great comfort and at times a great source of laughter.

You may opt to seek professional help, especially if you continue to struggle to sleep and have lost your appetite. Visit you GP in the first instance.

Coping with bereavement isn’t about ‘getting over’ the loss of a loved one.  There is no easy way to ‘get over it’.  Sometimes, it is just about carrying on.  It’s about learning to live with the loss of a person who would want you to continue to live a full and meaningful life.

You should never feel under pressure to move any faster than you feel you can or to do something you do not want to until you are ready, there is help available for you to build your life again.

There are a variety of organisations in Cheshire who can help you at this difficult time.

AdobeStock 90153631 CopyThe Bereavement Support Service at the Hospice of the Good Shepherd provides information and support to all bereaved adults, regardless of the nature, place or time of death. Their service offers individual counselling, individual befrienders and a twice monthly drop in groups.

Cruse Bereavement Care in the Wirral work with people of all ages when they’ve lost someone they love.  They offer confidential advice, support and practical information to bereaved people in person, over the phone and online and id provided by their team of 5,000 volunteers.

Age UK offer lots of help and support and guide you to services to combat loneliness. If you’ve recently suffered a loss, contact your local Age UK for help.

NHS Bereavement Office offers advice to help you cope with bereavement.  Many NHS hospitals or independent hospices will have a bereavement office to support families of patients who pass away in their care.  They can offer emotional support as well as practical guidance on funeral arrangements and legal requirements.

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