Health and Nutrition

Health and Nutrition

If you want to explore our main article on diet, head over to our Guide to a healthy diet for older people.

Good you know?

Live Well Cheshire East Healthy Eating have set up a One You Cheshire East service to help residents with advice on how to eat a balanced diet and exercise. They have also produced an Eatwell Guide with lots of useful information on how to eat right and feel your best.

Keep Looking and Feeling your Best

Sadly, as our age increases so can our waist lines. The more birthdays we have the lower our metabolism rate – the amount of calories we burn. But it’s not all bad news, there are ways to boost your metabolism.

  1. Breakfast is king. Try to eat within 30 minutes of waking up to replenish your body and to set your system up for the day ahead.
  2. Do some gentle weight exercises mid-morning. No, we don’t mean large dumbells, tins of beans will do.  This repetitive lifting of a small weight is great to build muscle and will keep your metabolism revved up.
  3. Include proteins. It’s proven that to keep a healthy metabolism you should try to eat some protein with every meal.  So, make sure you put eggs, chicken, meats, nuts on your shopping lists.
  4. Keep hydrated. Water is amazing for your health. All of the cells in your body need water to function properly and it’s great for that metabolism.
  5. Be mindful. To optimise your health consider meditating. As we get older our stress load gets more complex which has a negative effect on our bodies and our metabolism. Yoga concentrates on gentle stretching and focuses on wellbeing.  Check out Cheshire East Yoga Spirits, Yoga for seniors in Cheshire and Brightlife Fun & Flexible Fitness.

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Shake up your shopping list with these 4 metabolism-boosting foods:

  1. All citrus fruits. All foods high with Vitamin C will not only help you fight off coughs and colds but they’re wonderful for giving you a boost. We do advise that if you plan to eat a lot of grapefruit and take regular medications, to check with your doctor first as grapefruit can interfere with some medicines.
  2. Berries & High Fibre Cereals. These will digest slowly and keep you feeling energised. Research has also indicated that a dietary fibre is beneficial to those living with heart problems. 
  3. Lean proteins. Beef, chicken and turkey will also help to preserve muscle mass
  4. Garlic. This superfood will boost your immune system and fight the aging process too.

Looking for a healthy snacking option?

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Step away from the biscuits and reach for these alternatives:

  • Greek yoghurt with fruit and berries
  • Cheese and crackers
  • Granola bars
  • Nuts and sunflower seeds
  • Cottage cheese on crackers
  • Oatmeal cookies
  • Fresh fruit / vegetables and humus dips

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