Help With Choosing a Care Home in Essex

Help With Choosing a Care Home in Essex

There are many reasons why Essex is a good area in which to look for a care home. It has great transport links, good care homes, and a lovely balance of countryside beauty and urban conveniences. However, there is a lot to consider when finding the right care home for your loved one.

The first thing you need to think about it is the type of care home your relative needs: nursing or residential? Residential care homes are for people who need a little extra support day-to-day, with tasks such as cooking and cleaning. Nursing care homes are for people who regularly require more complex help from qualified nurses.

A windmill in the Essex countryside.

Another key factor is location. Even within Essex, there are differences between towns that you may want to take in to account in your search for your relative’s care home. This page will guide you through some of the different towns worth considering, and some other factors you should take in to account when choosing a care home location.

Find Essex Care Homes

Age Space is currently working on our very own Essex Care Home Directory. For now, you can search for Essex care homes on the the website. You can filter through homes according to the most important factor to you and your relative, or search for them in your preferred areas.

Different Areas to Consider in Essex

When moving someone in to a care home, there are many factors your should be taking in to account. One of the most important factors is location – in terms of proximity to friends and family, but also because each town has something different to offer. Below we have outlined some of the best and most popular places in Essex in which to look for a care home.


Chelmsford is one of Essex’s biggest towns. It has lovely parks and canals for those who enjoy walking and enjoying the outdoors, and is only 30 minutes on the train to London, making it convenient for day trips to the capital. It is also conveniently located close to Chelmsford Hospital.


A bench by the sea in Essex

Once the capital of Roman Britain, Colchester is now one of Essex’s cultural hotspots. It boasts the Firstsite art gallery and the Colchester Arts Centre, two of our Best Cultural Days Out in Essex, and the famous Colchester Castle. In terms of activities there is also the large Colchester Zoo, and it is home to Essex’s most successful football team Colchester United. A good choice for an older person who likes to keep busy.


Rochford is one of two locations in Essex that was listed in the top 50 of Halifax’s highest quality of life list for 2019. It is also the 10th happiest place to live in the UK according to the Office of National Statistics, so it must be doing something right! Rochford also has a quaint town square at its centre.

Saffron Walden

Saffron Walden is described as having a relaxed and tranquil feeling to it, making it a calm and laid-back place to live. This is not to say it is lacking in culture – the town has a museum and three art galleries! Saffron Walden is located in the district of Uttlesford, the other location in Essex that scored in Halifax’s highest quality of life list in 2019.


The coast in Southend in Essex

Southend-on-Sea, Essex’s biggest town, sits on the coast and has a lovely and popular pier. Its size ensures that you have access to all the urban conveniences your relative would be after. Living in Southend-on-Sea would also put your relative in close proximity to Southend University Hospital.

Average Costs of Care Homes in Essex

The cost of a care home varies from one county to another. Care homes are more expensive in the South East of England than the national average, which is reflected in the relatively high cost of care homes in Essex. Below you can see the average prices for self-funders in Essex for a home care with and without additional nursing care.

Residential OnlyRes. with Nursing Care
Yearly Cost of Care Home£44,772£54,132

This does not mean that you should expect all care homes in Essex to cost this much. The price still varies according to factors concerning each individual care home, including location, staff-per-resident, the facilities available and the type of care provided.

The Benefits & Drawbacks of Life in Essex

Some homes on the water in Essex.

Essex has an outstanding mixture of parks, countryside and urban amenities. Its many towns have buzzy and vibrant high streets, but you are never far from rich countryside.

Essex has excellent transport links, particularly to London, which is why it is such a popular commuter area.

Essex has a high number of care homes rated as Good or Excellent.

Care homes in Essex are more expensive than the national average. This is due to care homes in the South East being more expensive than the rest of the country, and due to Essex’s popularity as a location.

There are plenty of accessible cultural days out in Essex, including at the coast. You can read more about these in our guides to the Top 5 Accessible Days out in Essex, and best Cultural Activities for the Elderly in Essex.

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