How to Book a Care Needs Assessment in Hertfordshire

How to Book a Care Needs Assessment in Hertfordshire

Organising a care need sassessment in Hertfordshire

A care needs assessment is the system Hertfordshire County Council use to establish and understand your relative’s care needs, and to see how they will be able to provide support. As well as identifying practical steps that Hertfordshire County Council can take, they will also make decisions about the funding of your relative’s care, and the possibility of a personal budget.

Hertfordshire County Council’s care needs assessments usually last between 30 minutes and 2 hours. They can take place over the phone, in your relative’s home, or at another location that works for you and your relative. You, or their carer if someone else, should attend the meeting alongside your relative.

You can learn more about what to expect during an assessment from Age Space’s Guide to a Care Needs Assessment.

How To Apply For A Care Needs Assessment With Your Local Authority in Hertfordshire

To request a care needs assessment from Hertfordshire County Council your relatives details will need to be entered into the enquiry form found online on the Hertfordshire County Council Website. The adult social services/assessment team aim to respond to an application within 3 working days.

Care needs assessments in Hertfordshire

At the assessment, members of Hertfordshire County Council’s Adult Services team will discuss with your relative every day activities they do at home and outside of the home, assessing how easy or difficult every day tasks might be. This assessment will inform their social care team what care they might need to provide for your relative. This could include equipment, or referring your relative to a specialist health service. Hertfordshire County Council will also provide you with information about how their recommendations will be funded.

What to do if You’re Not Happy With The Outcome of the Assessment

If you are unhappy with the outcome of your relative’s assessment then members of Hertfordshire County Council’s Adult Social Services team will provide you with the relevant contact details for voicing your concern.

There is also a tool on the Hertfordshire County Council website for Making a Complaint, including about social care, but it is advisable to complain directly using the contact details that are provided by the people you have already communicated with.

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