Making It Safer for Elderly Relatives To Live Independently at Home in Hertfordshire

Making It Safer for Elderly Relatives To Live Independently at Home in Hertfordshire

Living at home can become more challenging for older people especially if they have difficulties with their mobility. This does not necessarily mean it is time for your relative to have care in the home, or to move house, even in to a care home: there are plenty of services and products available in Hertfordshire to make your elderly relative’s home safer. A safer home is an essential element of independent living.

Stair lift in the home in Hertfordshire

One of the most important things you can do is to prevent your relative from falling at home, which will radically reduce their chances of being admitted to hospital, or receiving long-term care and support.

The chance of a fall can be reduced by using products to help with movements such as getting in and out of the bath, as well as making adaptations for the home, such as stairlifts. If you are worried about your relative falling you interested in reading our Top Tips on Preventing Falls at Home.

Beyond this, there is a vast array of mobility products, assistive technology services, and support available from public services in Hertfordshire ensure independent living for the elderly people of Hertfordshire.

Mobility Stores Across Hertfordshire for Daily Living Aids

Lea Valley Mobility, Hoddesdon

The Lea Valley Mobility Shop is a family-run business based in Hoddesdon Town Centre that offers a wide variety of mobility products. They are also able to provide home visits for those that are interested in their services, with no obligation to buy.

Visit Website
Telephone: 01992 443844
Address: Lea Valley Mobility Shop, 1 Fawkon Walk, Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire, EN11 8TJ

Mobility World, Letchworth

Mobility World in Letchworth has a wide selection of products to help older people to maintain their independence. Some of the products they offer include mobility scooters, wheelchairs, walking aids and bathing aids.

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Telephone: 01462 418462
Address: Birds Hill. Letchworth Garden City. SG6 1HX

Hertfordshire Mobility, Stevenage

Hertfordshire Mobility is a small family-run mobility store based in Stevenage. They stock a variety of new and used mobility products, both vehicles and aids. They are also happy to provide home visits to people unable to travel to the store.

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Telephone: 01438 315423
Address: Stevenage Indoor Market, St George’s Way, Stevenage, Hertfordshire, SG1 1EP

Automobility Concepts, Watford & Hemel Hempstead

mobility scooter 1372965 340

Automobility Concepts is a one-stop shop for mobility products and services, small and large. They sell daily living aids for the bathroom and kitchen, as well as the latest and most advanced wheelchairs. They also specialise in re-fitting vehicles to meet bespoke mobility requirements. They have 2 high street showrooms in Hertfordshire, in Watford and Hemel Hempstead.

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Watford Telephone: 01923 804142
Watford Address: 172 High Street, Watford, WD17 2EG

Hemel Hempstead Telephone: 01442 242850
Hemel Hempstead Address: 158 Marlowes, Hemel Hempstead, HP1 1BA

Alphamarque, St Albans

Alphamarque have 2 mobility store showrooms, one of which is in St Albans. They offer a full range of mobility equipment including scooters, wheelchairs, and walkers, as well as a variety of home living aids. Alphamarque also offers a free home demonstration service with no purchase obligation.

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01727 837836
Address: Shop 1, Highfield Park, Russet Drive, St Albans, Hertfordshire. AL4 0AZ

Assistive Technology in Hertfordshire

Assistive Technology can improve the lives of older people and keep them safe. Telecare is one of the most popular types of assistive technology and it includes alarms and sensors that can be fitted around your relative’s house, and can alert a monitoring service and then you as a point of contact to anything unusual such as being out of bed for an extended period of time during the night.

In Hertfordshire, some local councils have schemes to provide Telecare services for local people and their carers. In most of the county, however, Herts Careline is one of the main providers for Telecare services. You can find out more about both options below.

Hertfordshire County Council has also recently released an online guide to technology that can help older people living in the home. This easy-to-read guide shows the types of equipment available to elderly Hertfordshire residents from room to room.

Local Council Assistive Technology

3 of the local councils in Herfordshire operate their own telecare and assistive technology schemes. This means that they have their own telecare products and round-the-clock services that your relative can contact if they need help. You can find links to the services that do offer telecare below.

Herts Careline

Assistive technology in Herts

If you live in your own property or rent from a landlord you can arrange for telecare services from Herts Careline. Herts Careline is a not-for-profit service organised by the North Herts District Council.

One of their 2 key services is community alarms, which your relative can press  and they’ll be connected to one of their highly experienced call operators 24/7 who will ensure they get the help they need by contacting designated family or support.

There is also the Herts Bernie, which is a portable pendant and location service. Your relative can press its SOS button if they need help, and a text message with their location on a map will be sent to their designated family/friend responder, as well as to Herts Careline, who can provide 24/7 help.

Herts Careline does not have long term contracts, and in contrast to other forms of care, the cost of the service is fairly modest. There is also a discount if you purchase both the community alarm and Bernie service at once.

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Telephone: 0300 999 2 999

Free Hertfordshire Fire & Rescue Service Home Safety Visits

Hertfordshire fire alarm test service

Hertfordshire County Council can organise free Safe and Well visits to your relative’s home. The service is provided by the Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Services. Their team will check that any existing smoke detectors are correctly sited and working, and if you need it then they will provide a replacement free of charge.

The Safe and Well appointments don’t last more than an hour, and they will run through other ways of staying safe including electrical safety, cooking safety, escape plans and effective ways of staying safe in the winter.

Your relative can request a Safe and Well visit, or you can request a Safe and Well visit on their behalf, using this Online Form on the Hertfordshire County Council website.

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