Coronavirus: Keeping your Elderly Relatives Safe in Hertfordshire

Coronavirus: Keeping your Elderly Relatives Safe in Hertfordshire

Coronavirus support Hertfordshire

The Coronavirus pandemic is such a stressful time for people who care for their elderly parents and relatives in Hertfordshire. It can be hard to know how best to find support for older people, especially if you are unable to physically visit them yourself. Here, Age Space will guide you through what you can do to keep your elderly relatives safe in Hertfordshire.

You may also want to read our free Coronavirus guide covering everything you need to know about the virus. Age Space’s Coronavirus FAQs to find the answers to some of the most common questions about protecting elderly parents at this time.

Where to Find Coronavirus Support in Hertfordshire

There are plenty of reasons why your relative in Hertfordshire may be needing more support than usual at the moment. Hertfordshire’s local councils are working closely with other organisations in the county to provide help for those people that need it. You can find out more about these organisations providing help below.

Herts Help

Herts Help providing Coronavirus support

Coronavirus support in Hertfordshire is available from Herts Help, which is a network of community organisations in Hertfordshire working in unison. Herts Help can provide a range of support services to older people in Hertfordshire, including assistance with picking up shopping and collecting prescriptions.

You can request help from Herts Help for you or someone you know through their online request form, or over the phone.

Telephone: 0300 123 4044
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Herts Independent Living Service

Herts Independent Living Service coronavirus

HILS are providing meals on wheels to older people who require food to be delivered to them. They are ensuring that food is delivered in a safe and socially-distanced way. Meals are delivered hot and ready to eat between 11.30am and 2pm every day. You can read more about other options for food delivery in Herts from our guide to Hertfordshire Meal Delivery Services.

Telephone: 0330 2000 103
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Isolation Health and Wellbeing in Hertfordshire

Looking after physical and mental health is very important for older people during this period of increased isolation.

One of the best things to do for physical health is to exercise. This can be achieved on a short and safe walk, in a garden, or even from one’s own living room. There is lots of good online advice on how older people can stay mobile and healthy at home, including Age Space’s guide to the best Home Exercises for the Elderly.

There is also support available if the pandemic is making your relative feel anxious or is negatively impacting on their mental health. There is lots of helpful information and advice on the Mind website, as well as details of who your relative could get in contact with if they need more support.

Staying Connected

Staying connected during coronavirus in Hertfordshire

Staying connected with friends and families is vitally important during this period of physical isolation – it is a way of finding out if people’s needs are being met, as well as keeping spirits high and minimising loneliness.

Some older people do not know how to use some of the mobile and computer apps that would be able to make it much easier for them to communicate with their relatives. Age Space has put together a number of fantastic guides on Using Technology in Older Age that can help to overcome this. Using these guides your relatives will be able to feel confident with technology and make the most of the opportunities it provides. You may want to look at our guides on Using Skype or Using Whatsapp.

More Coronavirus Support

Below you can find more of Age Space’s Coronavirus support guides that you may find helpful.

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