Home Adaptations For The Elderly In Hertfordshire

Home Adaptations For The Elderly In Hertfordshire

Home Adaptations in Hertfordshire

Home adaptations can make an elderly person’s home safer, protecting them from harm and ensuring that their carers and family members can have peace of mind. The Herts Home Improvement Agency are responsible for organising and providing home adaptations for the elderly in Hertfordshire, in collaboration with Hertfordshire County Council.

Home adaptations can range from smaller changes, such as adding handrails, to much larger changes, such as having stairlifts and electronic ramps installed. There is financial support, in the form of grants, available for some eligible older people who need such changes made to their homes in Hertfordshire.

On this page, you can find out more about the financial support that exists for Hertfordshire home adaptations, including who is eligible and who you should contact for support.

Getting a Home Assessment in Hertfordshire

Getting a Home Assessment in HertfordshireIn order to assess the adaptations that may need to be made to your relative’s home in Hertfordshire, a home assessment needs to be carried out. In Hertfordshire, initial home assessments are made either in-person or over-the-phone by the Herts Home Improvement Service.

After this initial home assessment, their team will be able to make some recommendations for making your relative’s home safer. If your relative’s needs are more complex, they may arrange for a community or private occupational therapist to visit and give some further recommendations.

The Herts Home Improvement Agency will also be able to contact your housing association or landlord, make submissions to the council on your relative’s behalf and source trusted contractors to carry out the work. Your relative may or may not be eligible for a grant for these alterations, depending on their financial circumstances.

Adaptations that the Herts Home Improvement Agency can help with includes the installation of stair lifts and ramps, fitting accessible baths and showers and converting the functions of rooms.

You can request a visit or callback from the Herts Home Improvement Agency for your relative by filling out this online form. Their team of caseworkers and assessors will guide your relative through the work being done and advise them on the availability of grants, where applicable.

Grants Available in Hertfordshire for Larger Home Alterations

Disabled Facilities Grant

Grants for Home Adaptations in Hertfordshire

The Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) is a grant of financial support for disabled people who need changes made to their home in order to live more safely and comfortably. The Disabled Facilities Grant can provide financial support up to the sum of £30,000, but the exact figure your relative may be eligible to receive will depend on their financial circumstance.

A Disabled Facilities Grant can help your relative to pay for larger home adaptations, such as converting a room into a bathroom, or fitting and installing a ramp or stairlift.

Your relative’s local District or Borough Council in Hertfordshire will make the final assessment on whether or not your relative is eligible for a grant and if so, how much they can receive. You should not start work on your relative’s house before the council approves their application, or they are unlikely to provide funding.

To make an application for a Disabled Facilities Grant in Hertfordshire, you or your relative should contact your relative’s local District or Borough Council’s housing team, or request a callback from the Herts Home Improvement Agency. Contact details for each local council can be found below.

Broxbourne Borough Council
Dacorum Borough Council
East Hertfordshire Council
Hertsmere Borough Council
North Hertfordshire District Council
St. Albans & City District Council
Stevenage Borough Council
Three Rivers District Council
Watford Borough Council
Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council