End of Life Care & Support in Kent

Palliative Care in Kent

Palliative care exists to help people to live as comfortably as they can towards the end of their life. Healthcare professionals can help to deliver a personalised palliative care plan according to an individual’s needs. Age Space have put together a guide on the palliative care services available in Kent, including details of local hospices and NHS services. 

In The Spotlight... Friends Together Bereavement Support Network

Friends Together is a small local charity, based in West Kent. They deliver support and comfort to people who are experiencing bereavement through a series of regular social meetings.

Planning a Funeral In Kent

There is a lot to consider when planning a funeral, to make sure that the ceremony is the the best possible tribute your loved one. Age Space has put together a comprehensive guide to funeral planning, and will soon have suggestions on the best locations for celebration of life services in Kent.


Dealing with death and grief

Dealing with a death is a difficult time for any family. Our local guides aim to make the process a little bit easier by guiding you through what you need to do, and where you can turn to for support in Kent.