Bereavement Support Services in Kent

Bereavement Support Services in Kent

Bereavement Support Services in KentThere is no simple solution or quick fix for bereavement, but being open and talking to friends and family about your feelings or the person who has passed away can help. Be assured that there is lots of support available for you in Kent, including a variety of bereavement organisations to help you through this difficult time.

If you are struggling with your day-to-day, especially with regards to sleep or appetite, you may want to seek professional help by speaking to your GP. You can look at our dedicated page on Death and Grief to find out more about the support services available to you.

Kent Bereavement Support Services

CRUSE Bereavement

Cruse Bereavement LogoCRUSE is the UK’s foremost bereavement charity. They offer confidential advice, support, drop-in groups and practical information to bereaved people in person, over the phone and online. Cruse Bereavement Care operate nationwide, but have local bases across some of Kent.

There are CRUSE branches for East Kent & Swale, South Kent and Maidstone & Medway. You can use their postcode look-up tool to find out which is most local to you.

East Kent
South Kent
Maidstone & Medway

Alternatively, you can call CRUSE’s national Bereavement Support Helpline on 08088 081677.

Bereavement Advice Service

The Bereavement Advice Service can provide information and advice on all the practical issues that people face around the time of death. They offer a free helpline for anyone affected by the death of someone significant to them which is available in Kent, whether the death occurred in Kent, or the person who died lived in Kent.

Age UK

Bereavement Support Services in Kent - CandlesAge UK offer a lot of support and advice to help you if you are feeling lonely and struggling with bereavement. If you’ve recently suffered a loss, you can contact your local Age UK group for help. Age UK have branches all across Kent and you can find your nearest one on the Age UK website.

NHS Bereavement Services

Some NHS Hospitals have a dedicated Bereavement Office that offers advice on coping with bereavement. They can offer you emotional support, as well as practical guidance on funeral arrangements and legal requirements. They are also able to point you towards local bereavement support services in your area.

Contact details for hospital Bereavement Offices in Kent are below. 

Maidstone Hospital Bereavement Office
Tunbridge Wells Hospital Bereavement Office
St. Peter's Hospital Bereavement Office

The Bereavement Register

Bereavement Support Services & Grief Counselling in Kent

The Bereavement Register is a free service that aims to reduce the amount of unwanted marketing post being sent to the address of your passed loved one. They claim to stop most advertising mail within as little as six weeks. You will need to register through their website, which can be found below.

Grief Counselling

You can use this counselling directory to find specialist grief and bereavement counsellors near you.

Bereavement Support Groups in Kent

Bereavement Support Groups in Kent

Some people find comfort in sharing time with others who are going through a similar experience to themselves. Bereavement support groups can prevent loneliness and help people find a way to continue with their life after a loss.

Support groups can take many forms; from coffee mornings to walking groups. We also recommend asking your GP for other potential support groups that might not be on this list.

Friends Together Bereavement Support Network

Based in West Kent, the Friends Together Bereavement Support Network deliver support via a series of regular social meetings. They also offer the GriefChat service on their website, which allows you to chat online directly with a specially trained bereavement counsellor.

At the moment, the Friends Together Bereavement Support Network operates bereavement support groups in Hadlow, Paddock Wood, Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells and Pembury.