End of Life – Norfolk

End of Life – Norfolk

It’s better to plan ahead and talk to your parents about their end of life care. With the help of our experienced sponsor Funeral Directors Gordon Barber, this section holds your hand through the whole process.





Gordon Barber - End of Life Care Norfolk

With nearly 100 years in the business, Gordon Barber Funeral Directors has a lot of advice to share on end of life planning.

End of Life Care Norfolk

We answer some difficult questions on end of life care and signpost to some great local support services. 

Financial Planning for a Funeral

It’s good to be prepared – funerals can be expensive!

What to do when someone dies

There’s quite a lot of paperwork that will need sorting out when someone dies.

A Comprehensive Guide to Planning a Funeral

Our expert sponsor Gordon Barber guides us through the funeral planning process.

Bereavement Support In Norfolk

Local support groups, networks and grief counsellors to help manage your grief

Charity House Clearance

The big assets are sorted, but what to do with the rest? 

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