End of Life Care & Support in Norfolk

Palliative Care in Norfolk

Palliative care encompasses so much more than just the nursing and medical care that can be required towards the end of somebody’s life. Many providers of palliative care offer a holistic approach that ensures the needs of their patients are fulfilled, as well as being considerate to the needs of their family and carers. This can involve physical and emotional support, counselling or signposting to other services. 

Age Space has put together a full guide on the palliative care services available to your family across Norfolk

In The Spotlight... The Norfolk Hospice

The Norfolk Hospice, based in King’s Lynn, is a registered charity that offers support, care and advice to patients and their families through each stage of their illness, including bereavement. 

They provide a ‘Hospice at Home’ service, that supports those in the last weeks of life that wish to spend them at home.

Planning a Funeral In Norfolk

Age Space has put together a guide that aims to help you organise a funeral that honours you loved one’s memory, in whatever way is best suited.

Dealing with death and grief

Everyone experiences grief differently and will have vastly different reactions to a loved one passing away. One way to reduce the pain is to make the steps following somebody’s death as straightforward as possible.

Age Space has found and listed the bereavement services available in Norfolk.

Charity House Clearance Schemes in Norfolk

When someone dies, the family is left with the overwhelming task of selling and clearing out their loved ones home. For some this can be a cathartic exercise, while for others it can be incredibly stressful and overwhelming. 

Age Space has created a guide to the charities across Norfolk that offer a house clearance service, to make this process a little easier.

Charity House Clearance in Norfolk