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Health and well-being

This section is packed full of good ideas to help keep older people fitter and healthier.  Its a local twist on our main health and well being section, so please search there for disease specific information.





Charlie Hodson’s Guide to Healthy Eating for Older People

Our resident food expert and Executive Chef of The Fur & Feather Inn, Woodbastwick, explains how to create delicious and nutritious food.

The loneliness bird

There is no quick fix for loneliness or grief, but we’ve found some amazing organisations and activities that just might help, a bit.  

A fine and age friendly city

There are lots of accessible places in Norwich for a day out or a cup of tea….

Exercise for the elderly - just take a seat

No boot camps or marathons necessary to keep healthy and active…

Time travel in Norwich

An afternoon spent reminiscing over a cup of tea and a biscuit – what could be nicer?

Exercise referral scheme - joining the gym in old age

Joining a gym at any age can be daunting, but for older people, the watchful guidance of a GP and local fitness instructors can make it much easier.

Stay Well This Winter

Information and advice for caring for an elderly relative this winter – how to keep healthy, active and warm during the cold months.