Home Security – Keeping your home safe

Home Security – Keeping your home safe

Home security is important for everyone, but it’s especially so for the elderly. Perceived as being more vulnerable, they’re often targeted by burglars and are less likely to report a break-in after it’s happened.

You and your family shouldn’t ever have to worry about potential break-ins. Luckily there are simple home security measures that can be taken to ensure your or your parents’ home remain safe and sound throughout the day and into the night.

To start, here are a few easy home security measures you can take to help keep an elderly family member’s home safe.

Invest in a quality door lock

The starting point for any upping in home security is with your front door – as the main entryway to your home, it’s most important that it’s fixed with a strong cylinder lock that’s anti-pick, anti-drill and anti-bump to keep burglars at bay.

Chain locks can also be helpful, though they shouldn’t be left on all day so that carers, friends and family can still access the home if necessary. From there, you’ll want to ensure any back doors, patio doors and garage doors are similarly secure.

Secure all windows


As windows are another obvious access point into your home, you should make sure they are strong and of a high quality. Durable construction, toughened glass and key locks on the handles – especially for downstairs windows – will make any attempt to break into a home more difficult, as will opting for double- or triple-glazed windows. By their very nature, they offer added protection with additional glass panels.

Install floodlights

Floodlights are a great investment especially if you live on a particularly dark road or the pathway to your home receives little light from the street. Motion-triggered floodlights that are installed on the front and back of your house will not only act as a visual deterrent for thieves, but will make their presence known on your property by shining a bright light on them when movement is detected.


Always look for the “Secured by Design” label

“Secured by Design” (SBD) is a national police initiative that recognises companies and products that produce high-quality security devices that are rigorously tested and proven to deter criminals. Studies show that homes fixed with SBD products are 75% less likely to be burgled than those without. When investing in any new doors, windows or other security measures, you should always look out for the SBD marque to ensure you’re getting the best.

Get involved (for you, or your family)

If you’re concerned you or your family member might be vulnerable at home, it’s always a good idea to make your presence known in the community or to your local Neighbourhood Watch – speak to neighbours and establish a wellness check-in system, or consult your local police department for any tips on how to improve your home security.


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