Legal Advice – Norfolk

Legal Advice – Norfolk

The legal side of getting older can be very difficult, for elderly parents themselves and for families, particularly if nothing or not much is in place in the event of death. Our partner Ashton’s Legal has a wealth of useful guidance and information in this section from why a Will is so important, to planning for care from a legal perspective.


Guiding you through legal care in Norfolk

At Ashtons Legal our aim is to make a potentially difficult time less stressful for you. 

Where there's a Will .....

…..there’s a way – the importance of writing a will.

The importance of an Advance Directive and Living Will

An advance decision (also known as an Advance Directive or Living Will).

Legal guide to Estate Planning

Lifetime estate planning is finding the available options with what you and your family want to do. 

Lasting Power of Attorney

Giving someone the authority to make decisions whilst you’re still sound of mind.

Court of Protection

How to manage someone else’s financial affairs if they’re no longer able and haven’t set up a Lasting Power of Attorney. 

Statutory Wills

What do you do if someone loses their mental capacity and they need to write a will or to amend an existing one?

The Probate Debate

When someone close to you dies, you may find yourself with extra responsibility and paperwork.

Next Steps

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Check out our Blog section for interesting news from local people and organisations working towards improving later life in Norfolk. 

Also, why not drop into our  FORUM it’s a great place to chat to other people in similar situations and share your own advice and experiences. 

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