Elderly Care Services in Suffolk

Elderly Care Services in Suffolk

Suffolk is an ageing county with over 23% of residents above the age of 65, a percentage that is predicted to only increase in the upcoming years.

In addition, the “Healthy Life Expectancy” – the number years which you are expected to live free from illness – is decreasing.

This means that people in Suffolk are expected to get older but to spend more of their lives needing care. The demand for elderly care services is growing and it is vital that navigating the different health and social care bodies and organisations is made as clear as possible.

Depending on where you live in Suffolk, a different NHS Integrated Care System (ICS) will oversee the healthcare in your area.

However, Social Care is divided by different boundaries, as is community care.  On this page, Age Space has compiled all the information you need to navigate health and social care in Suffolk.

NHS Services for the Elderly in Suffolk


There are two ICSs that serve Suffolk, one of which covers East & West Suffolk (Suffolk and North East Essex) and another that covers Waveney (Norfolk and Waveney Integrated Care System). 

ICSs oversee:

  • GP Practices
  • Mental Health services
  • Urgent and Emergency care
  • Hospital Services
  • Community Care

Major Hospitals & Hospices in Suffolk

Community Healthcare

One step down from ICSs are Community Healthcare services. These are responsible for smaller community hospitals and work with local GPs to provide care. There are two providers of community care in Suffolk.

Suffolk Community Services

The majority of Suffolk is covered by the NHS’ Suffolk Community Services, operating from Aldeburgh Hospital, Felixstowe Hospital and Bluebird Lodge. They will also provide care in the home to anyone registered with a Suffolk GP.

East Coast Community Healthcare

Primarily operating for Norfolk, the East Coast Community Healthcare system is responsible for care to those living in the Waveney area.

How to find GPs in your area

To search for your local GP follow this link to the NHS website and type in your postcode to find your nearest GP.

Local Authority Elderly Care Services in Suffolk

Suffolk County Council oversees all of the Social and Elderly Care in Suffolk. Some services, such as Care Needs Assessments and Carer support groups, are outsourced to external organisations and charities such as Family Carers Suffolk, but it is Suffolk County Council who you need to contact if you have any questions about their support.

To go to Suffolk County Councils page on Social Care click here.

Searching for Elderly Care Services and Care Homes

The Council also operates a search facility called InfoLink, for services across the county. You are able to narrow down your search by key words and area.

To search for Elderly Care Homes we recommend using a Care Home directory like CareHome.co.uk. You can also take a look at our page dedicated to finding a care home in Suffolk.


Booking a Care Needs Assessment in Suffolk

A Care Needs Assessment is a great start in understanding the amount of support your relative needs and how much of this can be supplied by the council.

Care Homes and respite facilities also sometimes require for one to be completed before they can accept your family member. Completing a Care Needs Assessment can take time so it’s best to complete sooner rather than later.

Visit Age Space’s dedicated page on booking and completing a Care Needs Assessment in Suffolk to find out everything you need to know about this process.

Specialist Mental Health Services for the Elderly in Suffolk

The first step in accessing your local mental health services is to talk to your GP. They will be able to point you towards the specific services for your area.

You can also search for local support through:

You can also search for care and nursing homes with specialised facilities for mental health through carehomes.co.uk.

Home Care Services in Suffolk

Home Care, or Domiciliary Care is professional care provided in the comfort of your own home. These services can allow your elderly relative to maintain the independence of living at home, whilst giving you the peace of mind that they’re being taken care of.

You can use Age Space’s own Home Care Directory to look for suitable home care that’s in your area: