Bereavement Support Services in Suffolk

Bereavement Support Services in Suffolk

Bereavement support in Suffolk in personCoping with the loss of a loved one is one of the hardest times we have to go through. You and other members of your family will be dealing with the loss differently – some will be taking it harder than others. We’ve created this guide to some of the bereavement support services available in Suffolk, for people who feel they would benefit from this kind of support. You can also visit our guide on dealing with death and grief.

Suffolk Bereavement Support Services

At a Loss

At a Loss is a search directory for bereavement services and articles offering advice. You are able to filter results by postcode, age of person needing support and person you’ve lost’s relationship to you. They also offer an online chat service for those coping with bereavement to talk to specially trained bereavement counsellors.

The Bereavement Register

The Bereavement Register is a free service that aims to reduce the amount of unwanted marketing post sent to the address of your passed loved one. They claim to stop most advertising mail within as little as six weeks. You’ll need to register through their website.

The Coroner's Courts Support Services

The Coroner’s Courts Support Service supplies both practical and emotional support to those going through an inquiry into death. It’s a service run by volunteers and founded by people who have experienced an inquiry.

Counselling Directory

A directory to connect you with professional counselling in your area. You can search by area, specifically for bereavement and by type of therapy.

Cruse Bereavement Care Suffolk

Cruse Bereavement Care Suffolk Logo

Cruse Bereavement Care is a charity that operates across the country, including in Suffolk. They offer advice, support and information for anyone going through bereavement and can connect you to services in your area.

St. Nicholas Hospice House Clearance

Run by St Nicholas Hospice, House Clearance is a sensitive and reliable house clearing service that operates across the West Suffolk area. Proceeds also go back into St Nicholas Hospice.

Moving Forward

Moving Forward is an initiative from ActivLives. It is a free, one-to-one advice service that helps people to build new, fulfilling lives after their role as a carer has ended. They offer information and advice about local opportunities; specialising in rebuilding social lives. They pride themselves in directing you to the services you need.

St. Nicholas Hospice Care

Based in Bury St. Edmunds, St Nicholas Hospice not only supply end of life care but also several different support services to aid with bereavement. One to one bereavement counselling is available from a trained volunteer or professional counsellor. They will also be able to guide you towards services in your area. Additionally, they offer a 24-hour help desk.

Bereavement Support Groups in Suffolk

Tea or Coffee bereavement support service group in Suffolk

Bereavement support groups offer a level of support that can extend beyond usual therapy. Many people have found comfort in being with others facing similar problems and are at different stages through their bereavement journeys. Not only does the reminder that you are not alone help, but seeing proof of healing is one of the most beneficial aspects to support groups.

Support groups can take many forms, from coffee groups to walking groups. We have compiled a list of support groups that are available in Suffolk. We also recommend asking your GP for other potential support groups in your area that might not be on this list. Just click on the name of the group to be directed to their website.

East Suffolk

Sunrise Bereavement Group, Waveney


West Suffolk

St. Nicholas Hospice Care

St Nicholas Hospice offers full and sensitive bereavement support and runs support groups and activities to get involved with. Get in contact with them for more details on current events.