Enjoying Older Age in Suffolk

There is no reason why we can’t still make the most of our lives as we get older. Although some aspects might get harder to do, there are lots of ways and people who can help make life a little easier and enjoyable. Here at Age Space we have collected together all the information you need on ways to enjoy elderly life in Suffolk including lunch clubs, the best places for afternoon tea, cultural gems, getting about and our top 5 accessible days out for the family to enjoy.

In The Spotlight... Flatford

Flatford in SuffolkVisiting Flatford is a must, and the National Trust have done a lot to make it fully accessible. The scene of inspiration for many of Constable’s paintings, we have everything you need to know about planning an accessible day out to Flatford with your family.

Days Out for the Elderly in Suffolk

The beautiful Suffolk countryside, beaches and old market towns are calling out to be explored and enjoyed. Age Space has collected some of the best places to visit across Suffolk.

Getting Out and About in Suffolk

Getting out of the house is a really important freedom for the elderly whether it be to collect medication, go to an appointment, get the grandkids’ Christmas presents, or just visit a friend. Fortunately there are lots of options in Suffolk to help get from A to B, even if public transport is not an option.