Dementia Care in Sussex

Local Dementia Services in Sussex

There are a great range of NHS services and charities that provide advice and support for those who are suffering from dementia in Sussex. There is support available all along the dementia journey, from diagnosis and assessment, to treatment and later stages. Age Space has put together the guides linked from this page to take you through the services available in Sussex and help you find the right care and support.

Dementia Friendly Exercise Groups in Sussex

Exercise is a really important part of keeping the body and mind healthy, making it a very beneficial part of life for people with to maintain. There are some great opportunities for people in Sussex who want to keep active, which you can find out more about through the link below.

Help With Caring For Someone With Dementia

Receiving a dementia diagnosis can be a difficult time for people and their families, but this doesn’t have to mean we have to stop enjoying life! There are many ways for your relative to continue enjoying everything that they used to with dementia-friendly initiatives taking place across Sussex, including memory cafés, exercise groups and cinema screenings.