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Best Aids for the Elderly Under £15: Gadgets to Make Life Easier

Best Aids for the Elderly Under £15: Gadgets to Make Life Easier

As we get older, daily activities that we take for granted, such as opening jars or doing up buttons, can start to feel like a challenge. Being unable to do simple tasks can leave us feeling frustrated, inadequate and at worst, reliant. 

If you or a relative is struggling with day to day tasks, don’t lose heart , Age Space has been researching the wonders of aids for the elderly and found 15 revolutionary gadgets and gizmos to make life easier and not break the bank! 

Trust us, you’ll be wondering how you’ve survived this long without them!

1. Hand-free Hairdryer Stand - £11.99

Genius aid for the elderly and beyond as drying hair can be incredibly tiring whatever your age or hand mobility. Perfect for anyone with a weak grip or mobility problems. The holder has a flexible neck that will fit the majority of hair dryers using velcro to keep it in place. 

hands-free hairdryer. Best aids for the elderly

2. Foxy Sock Aid - £4.95

For people who struggle to reach down and pull up their socks, this brightly coloured sock aid is the solution. Bend the yellow plastic into your sock (or stocking) and place it on the floor, holding the long yellow straps. Put your foot in the open sock and pull gently on the straps. Hey presto!

living aids for elderly relative

3. No Tie Shoelaces - £7.99

Great for all ages, these no-tie shoe bands are simple to install on any laced shoe or trainer. It allows you to turn lace-up shoes into slip ons! The durable silicone material firmly holds the shoe on your foot while still allowing you to slip your shoes on and off with ease. They also come in a wide range of colours, so you can match your laces to your outfit!

No Tie shoelaces

4. Folding Classic Pro Reacher - £15

Oh no, we’re not suggesting you go litter picking! This cool gadget can help make day-to-day living a bit easier for the elderly, from getting dressed to picking up the newspaper or reaching into cupboards. The Classic Pro has a comfortable handle, hooked trigger, and a dressing post plus it folds, making it easy to take out and about.

Picker tool elderly product

5. Button Aid - £4.50

Buttons and zips can be so fiddly for the elderly, even more so if you have dexterity problems or suffer from arthritis. This discreet little gadget has been making getting dressed easier since the 13th Century. Now the only stress is deciding what to wear!

Button Aid for elderly relatives

6. Hand Held Light Up Magnifier - £9.90 (was £29.99)

This is the perfect elderly aid for someone struggling to read the small print. It not only magnifies x30 without distortion, it also has LED lights to give that extra visual boost. Plus, you can pretend to be Sherlock Holmes with the grandkids. Where’s the Deerstalker and pipe? 

light up magnifier

7. Two Handed Tea Pot - £12

Shaky tea pouring and drips are a thing of the past with this simple two handled ceramic teapot. With room for two standard cups, there’s no excuse not to have a friend ‘round for a cuppa!

double-handed tea pot

8. TechSilver LED Bright Motion Sensor - £11.95

This LED Bright Motion Sensor light is great for older people who have a tendency to get up at night. It detects movement and darkness, and only activates when it is needed. It is bright enough to guide an elderly person to the bathroom, or to take in their surroundings, and goes off speedily once they are back in bed.

techsilver motion sensor night light

9. Key Turner Aid - £5

No more fiddly turning of small key fobs. This solid blue plastic handle can take up to two keys and enables the user to get a really good grip with their whole hand making unlocking the front door so much easier!  

key turner aid for elderly

10. Plug Tug - £4.14

The Plug Tug is a clever two-in-one gadget that makes taking a plug out of the socket much easier and with the included sticky dots you can identify which appliance a plug is powering.  Plus they come in packs of 10, now that’s a bargain!

Plug tug elderly product

11. Magnifying Nail Clippers - £14.95

Give yourself a mini manicure or pedicure with this cool gadget makes grooming your finger and toenails easier and safer. Simply rest your finger under the x3.5 magnifier (which also illuminates) for precision cutting. 

magnifier nail clipper for elderly

12. Leg Lifter - £10

Simply hook round your foot to help move stiff or immobile legs in and out of bed, chair or onto a footstool without bending. Ideal for post-surgery or injury and comfortably fits around dressings, casts or boots.

13. Seat Belt Reacher - £9.99

No more struggling to reach the seat belt or being strapped in like a small child. This nifty gizmo will help you buckle up easily and is perfect for anyone suffering with arthritis, shoulder pain or limited mobility.

seatbelt reacher for seniors

14. Long Reach Comfort Wipe - £12.90

We’ll be quick and straight to the point – it helps people wipe their bum. We all do it and this gadget is designed to help elderly people who find it difficult to bend, turn and reach to be more self-sufficient and keep their dignity.

toilet wipe extender aid for the elderly

15. 4 in 1 Jar & Bottle Opener - £7

It’s the simplest thing and for only £7.00 this kitchen aid will make such a difference to an elderly relative. No more wrist strain, or tapping to release the vacuum. This jar and bottle opener is pleasingly solid with a soft rubberised finish, and works on a wide variety of sizes.

Grip aid for elderly