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Retirement communities and assisted living

Retirement communities and assisted living

If your elderly parent or friend is ready to downsize you may want to encourage them to think about moving into a retirement community. Elderly people often have a misconception of what a retirement home or care home is, they think they are for elderly people who are unable to do things for themselves. So it’s good to use alternative names for care homes when discussing them with elderly parents. Retirement communities and assisted living are good alternatives. People often ask what is assisted living?

In this retirement communities and assisted living centre, here they can live independently in a specially designed apartment while having access to shared facilities and social activities.  They can enjoy the benefits of someone else taking care of gardening and any communal spaces. These retirement communities are a good solution for those looking for extra company and to make some new friends at their new home.

Retirement communities

There is a growing range of retirement communities available. There are retirement developments where residents live independently but have access to a communal lounge with organised social activities. Some shared facilities such as a laundry and guest rooms. They have a resident caretaker who is available in emergencies. Some are retirement villages with specially designed homes in a ‘village’ context, as well as extensive leisure facilities, restaurants and lots of opportunities to get involved in the community.

Assisted living

What is assisted living? Well assisted living takes it one step further and offers access to tailored care when needed. There may be a nursing home which residents can move into if and when necessary. This is sometimes called a ‘Continuum of Care’, where residents can stay in the same place, however, complex their care needs become. Again, there is a wide and growing choice of assisted living developments available right across the country.

However, this may be a relatively expensive option for your parents, but if both parents are alive and have differing physical needs, it has the advantage offering everything in one place, and of enabling them to live independently as long as possible.

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