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British Red Cross Home Support

British Red Cross Home Support

The Red Cross  provides a number of services through its local operations around the UK.  These include:

Support at Home – helping people following a short stay in hospital as well as preventing unnecessary hospital admissions by providing extra support and care at home.   The service aims to smooth the process of settling back into a normal routine and enable people to regain their confidence and independence and include: rebuilding confidence, collecting prescriptions, offering companionship and assistance with shopping.

Mobility Aids – The British Red Cross provides short-term loans of wheelchairs and other equipment including wheelchairs, crutches, backrests, bath seat, walking sticks and frames, commodes, bedpans and urinals.  They request a donation to help provision of the service, and a refundable deposit may be required for some items.  You can also buy equipment from their online shop.

Transport Support –  transport support for medical appointments and essential daily needs.  A volunteer driver with a vehicle can provide door-to-door support, and also an escort who, if necessary, will stay with you throughout your journey.  They normally ask for a contribution to costs, based on mileage used, but no-one will be refused a service because they cannot pay.

If you have had a good experience with another local group, then please join our forum and let us know.

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