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Cost of Home Care Services in Bristol

Above, you can find the different options for home care services in Bristol and the surrounding areas. On average, the cost of home care in Bristol is less expensive than the South East region, but can be more expensive than the rest of the country. Hourly, home care fees in Bristol are approximately £22 per hour, which can fluctuate based on a variety of factors including your location, the type of care required and when or how often you require care. The range of home care costs can range from £15 to £30+ per hour, meaning for an entire week of care, you could expect to pay between £450 and £900 (approximated at six hours per day). If home care fees begin to exceed £800, it may be a good idea to start looking into live-in care in Bristol for around-the-clock care. Live-in care fees in Bristol tend to start at around £800.

Specialist home care services in Bristol

Some care companies can provide home carers in Bristol for people living with specific medical conditions. Find out more below about what specialist care is available across Bristol for the elderly.

Dementia care in Bristol

There are 83 home care companies that provide dementia care in Bristol. These include:

Nursing care in Bristol

There are 104 Bristol home care agencies and providers that offer additional in-home nursing care. These include:

Mental health home care in Bristol

There are 70 companies that can provide Bristol carers for adults living with mental health issues. These include:

Your questions answered on Bristol home care services

How many Bristol home care providers have the highest CQC rating?

9 care at home companies in Bristol have received a ‘Outstanding’ rating by the CQC. These include:

What companies can also provide live-in care in Bristol?

20 companies can provide Bristol live-in care services for the elderly, in addition to domiciliary/day care. These include:

Do any companies offer respite care in Bristol?

For when you’re in need of a break or the regular carer is unavailable, the following providers offer home respite care in Bristol:

Can I get help paying for care in Bristol?

If your parents have savings of £23,250 or higher they won't be eligible for financial help towards the cost of home care in Bristol. Speak with the local authority in Bristol to arrange a care needs assessment if their savings are under this threshold.