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Cheats Guide to Growing Vegetables!

Make the most of your veg patch with this Vegetable Growing Cheat Sheet from our Living Independently section sponsors Anglian Home Improvements.

Spring has arrived, it’s vegetable-planting season and the sun is shining (or maybe not). Don’t let the British weather put you off, blimey we should be used to it by now! The clocks have sprung forward signalling the time to dust off those wellies and get out in the fresh air.  Spending time in the garden either alone (ahhh the peace and solitude) or with family – can boost your mood, help you sleep and generally put a spring in your step.

I’ve attempted to grow many vegetables over the years and success only seems to come in the form of courgettes, largely due to the fact you don’t need to do very much and they spread like wild flower. So, I’m over the moon that the team at Anglian Home Improvements have created this Vegetable Growing Cheat Sheet that provides a comprehensive chart of all the vegetables you may want to harvest this summer and autumn. It’s easy to follow, and provides a few tips and tricks for getting the most out of your garden.

The Cheat Sheet will show you:

1. When to plant

2. How far apart to plant seeds

3. What needs propagating

4. What needs to be in a greenhouse

5. What size pots to use

6. The distance to thin seedlings

7. Germination and maturation times

8. Pests to look out for

9. What veg works best together

10. And most importantly, when to harvest!


Whether you’re helping out a relative or plotting your own veg garden, we hope this guide will be useful this spring.

Local Garden Centre Nottcutts  have also offered us this great advice on – ‘How to make gardening easier’  

Happy planting!