Patient Transport Services in Berkshire for the Elderly

Patient Transport Services in Berkshire for the Elderly

Berkshire patient transport services

Patient Transport Services are non-emergency NHS services for people who have a medical reason which prevents them from travelling to their appointments by other means.

In Berkshire, this service is run by the Thames Valley Non-Emergency Patient Transport Service (Thames Valley NEPTS). The service is free and available to all eligible residents of Berkshire who are registered with a GP.

If you are looking for non-medical transport options in the county, you may be interested in community transport in Berkshire.

For more information about elderly care services in the region please visit our dedicated page: NHS & Social Care Services across Berkshire.

Eligibility for Patient Transport Services in Berkshire:

The NEPTS is only available to eligible patients measured by the following criteria:

  • Medical condition is such that medical support from staff is required on the journey.
  • Medical condition affects your mobility to such an extent that you can not travel by other meals.

Your GP will be able to assess whether you are eligible to use the service. The service can be used for the following journeys:

  • To a planned outpatient appointment
  • To hospital for a planned admission
  • Home from hospital following discharge
  • To and from renal dialysis appointments
  • Home to Berkshire from speicalist hospitals in other areas of the country

Booking Patient Transport Services across Berkshire:

The first journey using Thames Valley NEPTS must be booked by your GP or by calling the Patient Eligibility Line on 0300 100 0015 (available daily from 7am to 7pm).

The following information is required to make the first booking:

NHS service
  • Name
  • NHS number
  • Date of Birth
  • Home address and contact phone number
  • GP practice
  • Mobility and care requirements
  • Relevant health issues
  • Care package details
  • Home access information including key codes
  • Date and time of travel required
  • ‘From’ and ‘to’ destinations, including specific clinic details if appropriate

After this, an account will be set up with the NEPTS Patient Zone – an online portal. This can be used to book subsequent journeys, manage bookings and check journey status.

Bookings can be cancelled by calling the NEPTS cancellation line on 0300 790 0143.

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