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Patient Transport Services in Berkshire for the Elderly

Berkshire patient transport services

South Central Ambulance Service (SCAS) handles patient transport services in Berkshire, sometimes referred to as Non-Emergency Patient Transport Services (NEPTS). All of their drivers are first-aid accredited and trained with manual handling techniques and advanced driving skills. They have a breadth of knowledge to help them to deal with a variety of different medical conditions and scenarios.

The transport that SCAS supplies is fully accessible and flexible to each individual passenger’s needs. These can include oxygen facilities or wheelchair support.

If you are ineligible for this service you might find it useful to look at community transport in Berkshire.

For more information about elderly care services in the region please visit our dedicated page: NHS & Social Care Services across Berkshire.

Eligibility for Patient Transport Services in Berkshire:

To be able to use the the NEPTS service supplied by SCAS, the passenger must:

  • Live in the Berkshire area and be registered with a local GP.
  • Be unable to use public transport or lack access to other transport means due to a medical condition. An accepted reason is frailty.

Only certain journeys are eligible for this service. You would be unable, for example, to use the service to get to the shops, to a GP appointment or to see family and friends. Patient transport services can only be used for the following journeys:

  • attending hospital outpatient clinics.
  • being admitted to or discharged from hospital wards.
  • needing life-saving treatments e.g. radiotherapy, chemotherapy or renal dialysis, etc.

Your GP will be able to assess whether you are eligible to use the service. The service can be used for the following journeys:

  • To a planned outpatient appointment
  • To hospital for a planned admission
  • Home from hospital following discharge
  • To and from renal dialysis appointments
  • Home to Berkshire from specialist hospitals in other areas of the country


Additional passengers who are accompanying the user with a medical condition (escorts) are welcomed if there is a medical requirement for them to be present. It is imperative to tell the operator when you book that you will require space for an escort.

Booking Patient Transport Services Across Berkshire

To book a NEPTS with SCAS in Berkshire you can phone the Thames Valley contact centre on 0300 100 0015.

When you book, you’ll require the patient’s personal details, NHS number and GP details, as well as the time, date and location of their appointment.