Respite Care in Buckinghamshire

Respite Care in Buckinghamshire

Take some time for yourself with respite care in Buckinghamshire

Making the most of respite care in Buckinghamshire means that both the carer and cared-for get a break from their usual care routines. This is really important if you are a full-time family carer, as you will need an emotional and mental break just as much as you might need a physical breather.

For an older person respite care offers an opportunity to have a change of scenery and help reset the care relationship.

Care needs assessments are very important when considering respite care. Often care facilities require your parent to have had a care needs assessment in Buckinghamshire so that there is a documented record of their care needs – so that respite providers know that they can accommodate them. The added benefit to getting a care needs assessment done is that there may be an option in the following care plan that a certain number of respite care sessions are paid for by the council, means depending.

Finding Respite Care Homes in Buckinghamshire

The tried and tested method to finding respite care that is suitable for your situation is to find and contact a local care home, and asking if they offer respite care. This is the best option as care homes often don’t advertise respite care services outwardly, despite being able to offer them.

To find Buckinghamshire respite care then, Age Space recommends using a care home search directory. On sites like or you can even filter by homes offering respite care and by area.

Another option in Buckinghamshire is to talk to Fremantle Trust about their care and nursing homes across Buckinghamshire, most of which can offer respite care. Fremantle Trust is a not for profit charity providing and guiding carers to support services. You can call them on 01296 393 000.

Buckinghamshire Day Care Centres

Respite care does not have to include overnight. Making the most of elderly day care centres in Buckinghamshire can be a great idea for both you and your elderly relative you care for. Day care centres can give you peace of mind about your parent’s safety and security while also being an opportunity for your parents to meet new people and expand their social circles. Additionally, elderly day centres provide their guests with a hot meal and fun, mentally stimulating activities throughout the day.

Respite Home Care in Buckinghamshire

Respite Home Care Providers in Buckinghamshire

If your elderly parent doesn’t require the sort of attention they might get from respite care provided by a care home, but they need more than what is offered with day care, home-based care might be the most suitable option.

In addition to the options listed below, searching sites like Care Choices can also help you to find homecare in your area. The most important thing when considering home care options is that they are flexible to yours and your parents needs. Home care can be as little as care visits or can be a live-in carer.

Helping Hands

Helping Hands offer flexible and professional home care services, which can be adjusted to a respite care circumstance. Respite care can be provided through drop-in visits (£19.30/hour) or as live-in care (£250/day). All of their carers are thoroughly trained and can help with nursing and personal care, companionship, shopping, cooking, housekeeping and helping with visits away from the home. They are able to cater for those living with dementia too.

Visit the Helping Hands Website or contact them on 0330 037 6958 to talk through respite care options.

Carers Trust Thames

Carers Trust offer homecare services in Milton Keynes, North, Central and South Buckinghamshire. Their carers can support people with a range of disabilities including physical ones, dementia, and long term illnesses. Services can include anything from assistance with getting washed and dressed to incontinence care and food preparation.

Call 01494 568 981 if you’re not sure which area you might fall into but otherwise contact the area specific to you.

North Bucks and Milton Keynes:

  • Telephone: 01908 260 444
  • Email:

Central and South Bucks:

  • Telephone: 01494 568 980
  • Email:

Eden Care at Home

Eden Care is a nation-wide home care organisation that provides flexible respite care for your family member. This can be in their home but might also take the form of a supported holiday away from your home. Their main goal is to remove any worry you might have about your elderly relative’s wellbeing or safety while you take a well deserved break. Eden care can provide live-in care and specialist dementia home care too.

Call 01753 885 556 or use the contact form on the Eden Care website.

Emergency Respite Care in Bucks

Unlike other counties, Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes don’t have a dedicated scheme in place to connect people to emergency respite care providers. Instead, we recommend that you seek a private provider who offer an emergency service, like Abbots Care – who are able to provide emergency home care in as little as 12 hours from when they are initially called.

Emergency Care is easier to acquire when you are set up with a respite or home care provider already, as your elderly relative is already set up on the system. Therefore, when choosing a home care provider in Buckinghamshire, ask ahead of time what they provisions are for respite care if the case arises.

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