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Coronavirus: Keeping your Elderly Relatives Safe in Buckinghamshire

Coronavirus Help and Support in Buckinghamshire

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected people in a variety of different ways, but it is the elderly population that has been most affected. In addition to making sure our older community have safe access to food and care, preventing loneliness and isolation is also important. Here you will find the support services set up by local authorities and charities to help the elderly population in Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes.

Where to find Coronavirus Support in Buckinghamshire

Buckinghamshire Council

Buckinghamshire Council have worked hard to make sure their residents can find information on lots of things that might be affected by the virus. This includes a local outbreak plan, regular updates on council services and a Community Support Hub. All district councils refer back to Buckinghamshire Council for Coronavirus information and support.

Within, residents can get help finding local support in three major areas: money and finance, food and general help.

Money and Finance

Apply for Local Emergency Support, get your council tax queries answered and find information relating to active coronavirus scams.


Most importantly in this section, find out about the local services supplying food to elderly residents, and how you can get access to these services. The council itself does have a very limited supply of emergency food reserves for the most vulnerable of its residents. Get access through the website.

Getting Help

Find out about the local support groups to help people with both physical and emotional support who have been affected by the Coronavirus. You can also find further advice for those who still need to shield and learn about the local Coronavirus coordinators.

Age UK Buckinghamshire

Age UK Bucks have also worked to collate the services and support groups that are available across the county. They can link you to groups that are helping get food and supplies to the most vulnerable in the community. They can also direct users towards community support groups in their area such as local groups e.g. Buckingham Support Group, Wycombe Community Action and smaller areas such as Chalfont.

Additionally, Age UK Bucks can signpost to places where you and your parents can find support with mental wellbeing.

Age UK Bucks Coronavirus Information

Where to find Coronavirus Support in Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes Council

Similarly to Buckinghamshire Council, Milton Keynes have worked hard to supply good coronavirus resources and information to their residents. This includes information on what to do with distancing, isolating, and getting tests. Updates to council services are also put up on the site.

If you are over 70 or within a high-risk category for catching the virus, and you have no other support network (family, friends etc) the council encourages you to call 01908 252398 (Mon-Fri) so that they can work to get you the correct support. This is only for those who do not have anyone else, maybe their family/friends/neighbours are unable to help.

Age UK Milton Keynes

The Independent Living Service from Age UK Milton Keynes has taken over the responsibility for connecting those over 55 with goods and services if they are unable to support themself. This includes shopping, gardening, domestic help, handywork and even chiropody.

Call 01908 557874 to enquire about this service.

For local voluntary support and information, residents in Milton Keynes could also join the Milton Keynes, Taking Care of our Neighbours Facebook Group.

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