Care Services for People with Dementia in Buckinghamshire

Care Services for People with Dementia in Buckinghamshire

NHS Dementia Care Services

Accessing specific dementia services in Buckinghamshire can make caring for someone living with memory problems a lot easier and safer. In this guide you can find information on the services that can help families through their journey with dementia from diagnosis through to support.

In addition to the NHS and charity services listed here, you might also like to check out the general NHS Services for the Elderly in Buckinghamshire and make use of Age Space’s downloadable, comprehensive Dementia Care Guide.

NHS Services for People with Dementia in Buckinghamshire

Buckinghamshire – The Memory Support Service

NHS dementia services

The Memory Support Service will most likely be your first port-of-call, or the first thing a GP will refer, if you elderly relative has had continued and progressing memory problems. This service is run by the Alzheimer’s Society on behalf of Buckinghamshire Council and in partnership with the local NHS care group.

To start with they will perform a full memory assessment at your parents home, at a time that suits them. This will consist of some friendly conversation about their memory and maybe a couple of tests. The team will sent a full report back to your GP, who will rule out whether the memory issues could be due to anything other than dementia. The Memory Support Service will be there after diagnosis too, to help organise care and support both you and your parent throughout. Members of their team can attend memory clinics or GP visits to provide some comforting continuity throughout the process. They are also keyed in to all the available local services and groups that might be of interest to you.

  • Email:
  • Telephone: 01296 331749

Milton Keynes – Specialist Memory Service

The Milton Keynes Specialist Memory Service works in much the same way as the memory support service in Buckinghamshire, providing a comprehensive assessment of memory and post-diagnosis support. In addition to the advice and guidance this service can supply, they also run therapeutic group sessions to get the mind working a bit and offer a forum to dementia carers. Their multidisciplinary team of specialists can help with other behavioural and cognitive symptoms in addition to those that affect memory.

This service is for anyone with the beginning signs of dementia, or who have experienced problems with memory for at least 6 months. Those who already have a diagnosis of dementia and have then got relevant social care will not be able to use this service.

This service can help in the home at a time that suits you. It can also be accessed in care homes in the area. Referrals are taken through a Milton Keynes GP.

Telephone: 01908 801020

Find out more on the Milton Keynes NHS website

NHS Speech and Language Therapy

In Milton Keynes and Buckinghamshire there are specialist speech and language therapy services supplied by the NHS for adults struggling with speech. One potential symptom of dementia is a difficulty with speech and communication so these services might be something you encounter. Patients can either get referred through their GP or by referring themselves directly to the service.

Milton Keynes

Call 01908 725292 to self-refer. Visit the MK NHS website for more details.


Fill out the referral form from their website and send via email. Call them or visit the NHS website for more details.

  • Email:
  • Telephone: 01494 734415

Dementia Roadmap

The dementia roadmap is an NHS resource built to give an overview of the care journey someone with dementia in Buckinghamshire might take. In addition to giving a description of the available services there is also a comprehensive catalog of dementia resources that can offer useful insight into dementia care. You can also follow the “map” for dementia care through prevention, diagnosis, support, living with dementia and beyond.

Worried about your elderly relative’s wellbeing? Read Age Space’s Guide to the Best Personal Alarms

Local Charities Supporting People with Dementia in Buckinghamshire

Alzheimer’s Society

The Alzheimer’s Society is the major dementia charity in Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes. They work with the local social and NHS services, as well as independently, to supplement the dementia care network across the county. In addition to running the Memory Support Service (above), the Alzheimer’s Society also run plenty of community support groups, memory cafes and singing groups for those living with dementia in Buckinghamshire.

Find out more on our Dementia-Friendly Buckinghamshire page.

Age UK Bucks

Although not a specific dementia-orientated service, Age UK Buckinghamshire are dedicated to helping older people in the community. Their information and advice line is open for anyone to call about issues within elderly care, this includes dementia. Their knowledgeable team can provide useful and up-to-date information and advice on all things to do with elderly care, and can help direct you to services local to you.

To access this service call 01296 431 911 or email with your number, and if no one is able to answer your call at the time, they will ring you back. There office hours are from 9:30am – 1:30pm.

The Reminiscence Collection

The Reminiscence Collection is a selection of ‘Memory Boxes’ full of photos, music, films, puzzles, books and activities, designed to help people living with dementia relive their past and give their brain a workout. The collection is kept in the County Reserve Store in County Hall, Aylesbury. It is open to the public on Tuesdays from 9:30am – 5pm, but is also available to borrow.

Call 01296 383 966 for more information.

Bucks Home Library Service

Buckinghamshire Dementia Services - Home Library

The Bucks Home Library Service is there to get library services to those who cannot get to a library on their own. This is especially aimed at those who are living with a disability or illness, or whom are particularly elderly. They will get books delivered to a person’s home, and collect them when they are done reading them. Contact them to get involved.

  • Telephone: 01494 475 573
  • Email:

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