Patient Transport Services in Cambridgeshire for the Elderly

Patient Transport Services in Cambridgeshire for the Elderly

Patient Transport Services in Cambridgeshire for the elderly

Non-Emergency Patient Transport (NEPT) includes all transport to hospital appointments, treatment centres and for hospital transfers. This does not include travel for GP or dental appointments, A&E visits or trips to minor injury units, etc.

The current provider of NEPT in Cambridgeshire is the East of England Ambulance NHS Trust.

Use this page to discover if your elderly parent is eligible and find out how to book transport. If your journey does not meet the requirements, it is worth taking a look at Cambridgeshire County Council’s page on Travel and Age Space’s guide on Community Transport Services in Cambridgeshire.

Eligibility for Patient Transport Services in Cambridgeshire

As availability for these services is in high demand in East England, the criteria for being able to book transport is comprehensive and covers both the journey and the individual in need of transport.

Which journeys are eligible?

  • Journeys must be to a pre-booked hospital appointment or treatment centre appointment. This does not include GP or dental appointments, A&E, walk-in centres or minor injury units.
  • Journeys must start and end at the individual's home (i.e. you can't be dropped off on the way home).

Who is eligible?

  • Individuals must be registered with a Cambridgeshire or Peterborough GP.
  • Only those who would be unable to travel or take other means of transport due to medical conditions are eligible, e.g. patients who need assistance, those suffering from severe side effects of a treatment, or patients who feel unsafe travelling alone.


Someone is able to travel with you only in exceptional circumstances, as pre-booking is required. These depend on medical needs and will be assessed over the phone when booking.

Booking Patient Transport Services

If your elderly parent has fulfilled all the eligibility requirements, you can book transport over the phone by calling 0345 603 8117.

When you book you should have the patients NHS number, GP details and picking-up address handy, as well as being ready to answer some short questions on eligibility.