Elderly Care in

Cambridgeshire NHS & Social Care Services

Navigating the world of elderly care should not complicated. That’s why Age Space has put all the information you need to care for your elderly relative in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough in one place. Here you can find an overview of the care services in Cambridgeshire, what the county council can provide in terms of social care, tips to help maintain independence at home and more. 

Looking after someone with Delirium

Often, delirium symptoms improve within days-weeks once the underlying cause (e.g. UTI) is treated, however, the condition can continue to have affects even after a few months. Having the right support to help you look after someone with delirium is very important – as it can be a scary and worrying time. Caring Together and the Alzheimer’s Society have guides, tools, and support networks to help you navigate this tricky condition.

Care at home in Cambridgeshire

Care at home might include anything from a quick drop in to a live-in carer. The services can include just personal assistance like getting dressed and making meals or nursing care and help with medication. In this section you can find tips on how to choose a carer and the day care centres in Cambridgeshire that can provide a safe and secure place for your relative to socialise at during the day.

Discussing Elder Abuse

Living Independently in Cambridgeshire

Charities & Organisations Supporting The Elderly in Cambridgeshire