Meal Delivery Services for the Elderly in Cambridgeshire

Meal Delivery Services for the Elderly in Cambridgeshire

Meal Delivery Services for the elderly in Cambridgeshire

Cambridgeshire Meal Delivery Services, or “Meals on Wheels” can not only provide your elderly relative with hot, home-cooked, nutritious meals to see them through the week, but also can act as a daily check-up service to make sure of their wellbeing.

A meal delivery service can take the hassle out of shopping and cooking and doesn’t have to be used for every day of the week – it might just relieve the stress of cooking a couple days a week. In Cambridgeshire there are three main organisations that service the county. On this page we will take you through these options and explain how you can get your elderly family member set up on a meal delivery service.

Another option for getting your elderly relatives regular hot meals is to help them to attend an Elderly Day Care Centre in Cambridgeshire.

Camms Meals on Wheels, Cambridgeshire-Wide

Camms Meals on Wheels is the main provider of hot lunch-time meals throughout Cambridgeshire, providing meals in Cambridge, St Neots, St Ives, Ely and all of their surrounding villages. They deliver as far north as Littleport and west out to Huntingdon. They are also always looking to expand their delivery routes if there is enough demand – so don’t hesitate to ring and enquire.

Their prices are £6.75 for 2 courses (£6.95 if you live somewhere further afield like Ely/Huntingdon). There is a choice from 3 main meals and 3 pudding options delivered every day between 11am -1pm. The menu can be delivered, and collected after being filled in, by a driver to make for a more elderly-friendly service.

In addition to meal delivery, Camms can offer a ‘Watchful Eye’ and ‘Crisis Reporting Service’ to help give you peace of mind. Their trained drivers get to know the elderly people they deliver to and are often the first to notice any changes in wellbeing, and work quickly to address these by getting in contact with you.

To get set up you can call 01223 314 288 or go online and use their registration form.

Wiltshire Farm Foods, Cambridgeshire-Wide

Wiltshire Farm Foods operates on behalf of Apetito, a nation-wide meal delivery service, providing meals for the whole week for their customers. Depending on where your parent lives in Cambridgeshire, they will either be served from the Peterborough or Dunmow Office.

You can find your delivery area on their website, which will also let you know which day your deliveries will be on.

The benefit of Wiltshire Farm Foods is that they can provide a whole week’s worth of meals in one delivery, as all their meals are fresh frozen. There are nearly 300 meals to choose from an extensive menu, so your relative is bound to find something they like and will not be bored easily.

The meals provided are also relatively cheap, averaging around £5 per item with free delivery. You can pick your week’s meals and order online, or call 0800 077 3100. Additionally, you can request a brochure on behalf of someone you care for to be delivered to them to pick from.

Visit the Wiltshire Farm Foods Website to find out more

iCare Cuisine, Peterborough

Cambridgeshire meals on wheels

If your elderly relative lives in Peterborough they are also able to access iCare Cuisine’s meal delivery service. Like Camms, they provide a hot freshly-cooked lunch meal every day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

In addition to a hot lunch-time meal, they are also able to deliver sandwiches or frozen meals for your parent to heat up and enjoy later if they wish. There is a large selection of main meals to choose from including sliced meats, pies, casseroles, vegetarian, fish and more. Included with every meal is a free pudding of choice. iCare is also able to accommodate dietary requirements if you ring ahead. Each main meal is ~£8.

Delivery is free and all drivers are cleared and trained to work with the elderly and vulnerable. If no one is there to answer the door on a pre-selected delivery day they will check with neighbours and a contact number you provide to make sure the elderly person is safe and well. Delivery is between 11:30am – 2pm.

You can order on behalf of someone through their website that lets you select delivery days, choose from meals, and pay. Additionally if your parent wishes to pay via a different method for example via cash, you can ring iCare to sort this.

Visit the iCare Cuisine website or use the contact details below to find out more and get started.

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