Care Services for People with Dementia in Cambridgeshire

Care Services for People with Dementia in Cambridgeshire

Approximately 8,000 people in Cambridgeshire are living with dementia. For their families looking after them knowing what the healthcare services can provide and the charities that are out there can help take some of the stress out of the experience.

Dementia Care Services in Cambridgeshire

The NHS in Cambridgeshire has a comprehensive assessment, diagnosis and (where applicable) treatment strategy for those with memory problems. As we mention in our Elderly Care Services in Cambridgeshire Overview, much of the support you and your parents will receive will be coordinated through the Neighbourhood Support Teams, which have specialist memory services integrated into them – more on that below.

In addition to the healthcare services in the county, there are also a few county-wide charities that provide support and advice for those living with dementia and their carers and families. The main one in Cambridgeshire is The Alzheimers’ Society, who also help coordinate many of the Dementia Friendly Community options in the area.

Age Space has made a great, clear downloadable guide to Caring for Someone with Dementia that can help you with every aspect in your care journey.

NHS Services for People with Dementia in Cambridgeshire

NHS Dementia Services

NHS services in the county are overseen by the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust and many of the local elderly health services, including specialist memory services, are integrated into the Neighbourhood Support Teams. These teams are similar to the Older People Community Health Teams you might find in other counties. On this page you can find out about:

Memory Assessment Service

The Memory Assessment Service is integrated into the Neighbourhood Teams and operates out of 4 centres across Cambridgeshire. To have access to the service, your elderly relative must first have been referred by their GP. The next stage involves a 1.5hr assessment with a specialist memory team which will then work to diagnose and provide, where applicable, a treatment plan, direct onto useful local services and can offer advice and information going forward.

Some of the specialists that make up the Memory Assessment Teams include:

  • Specialist Mental Health Nurses
  • Psychiatrists
  • Clinical Psychologists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Mental Health Support workers

The team also works closely with the Alzheimers’ Society to make sure your family are getting access to all the available care and support.

You can contact the service any time between 9am – 5pm on weekdays at your local clinic’s number:

  • Cambridge – 01954 712252
  • Huntingdon – 01480 445178
  • East Cambridgeshire & Fenland – 01354 637041
  • Peterborough – 01733 318480

Or visit the Memory Assessment Service’s website

Crisis & Home Treatment Teams

Home Care for Dementia Patients

This team, which also includes a Dementia Intensive Support Team (DIST), has a main goal of keeping hospital admissions to a minimum for those with dementia, and integrating services to provide an intensive home treatment strategies.

This service only works for up to 6 weeks following the need for it, usually after a crisis, and aims to quickly prevent health decline. The aim is to ultimately be able to refer patients on to Older People’s Mental Health services when the situation is more stable.

This service is split into North and South Cambridgeshire Teams, whose contact details you can find below and are contactable 8am- 8pm all week.

  • South – 01223 219 593
  • North – 01733 776 029

Speech & Language Therapy Service

Cambridgeshire’s Speech and Language therapy service offers assessment, diagnosis, and treatment for adults with communication, fluency, voice or swallowing disorders that can often be associated with dementia. They provide this service on a level to suit their patients whether it be through an inpatient, outpatient or domiciliary basis.

In addition to the practical help for patients they also operate a telephone advice service and can offer support for carers. Anyone can be referred to the service by emailing them at or find out more by calling 0330 726 007. The venues from which they operate this service are:

  • North Cambridgeshire Hospital, Wisbech
  • Doddington Hospital, March
  • Princess of Wales Hospital, Ely
  • Brookfields Hospital, Cambridge
  • Chesterton Medical Centre, Cambridge
  • Fulbourn Hospital, Cambridge
  • Hinchingbrooke Hospital, Huntingdon

Dementia Carers’ Support Service

Carer Support Services for those looking after people with dementia

Another service integrated into local Neighbourhood Teams, those caring for people with dementia can find advice and support from the Dementia Carers’ Support service. The service can provide support throughout the journey of a person’s caring role and connect them to a volunteer to act as a befriender or buddy.

Following an initial consultation with a coordinator, you can be matched with a volunteer, who often has had first-hand carer experience. This person can provide emotional and social support while also offering information and advice based on their experience. They can not unfortunately take over any of your care responsibilities or act as a fill-in carer.

To find out more about this service visit their web page or contact them using the details below:

Local Charities Supporting People with Dementia in Cambridgeshire

In addition to the healthcare services available in Cambridgeshire, local charities can also help provide information and advice to help with your care role. Charities can also support wellbeing and make life more enjoyable with events and activities like dancing, singing and more. Many of these kind of events can be found on our Dementia Friendly Cambridgeshire Page.

Alzheimer’s Society

Alzheimer's Society

The Alzheimer’s Society is the main dementia charity in Cambridgeshire, and works with local councils, the NHS, and independent organisations to improve the lives of those living with dementia in the county.

They organise many of the memory cafés and community events in Cambridgeshire, in addition to having a Dementia Directory on their website. You can search for dementia services in Cambridgeshire including home care, council supported living schemes, dementia-friendly care homes, day care centres and national dementia support services.

Dementia Support Service Cambridgeshire

This service is run by the Alzheimers’ Society and involves a helpline and email advice service to provide users with information about living with, and caring for someone with, dementia. They can link you to local services that you might find useful. The equal in Peterborough is the Dementia Resource Centre – but also operates out of a physical location.

Caring Together

This charity supports carers living in Cambridgeshire, and works with Cambridgeshire County Council to provide information and support to carers throughout the county. They organise coffee mornings, support groups, advice sessions and more.

You can visit them at their St Ives office or call them to find out more:

Making Space

Making Space is a national mental health charity. We’ve included it here as they provide local services and often support pop-up dementia cafés and events throughout the year in Cambridgeshire. Search for Upcoming Events on their website.

Their Cambridgeshire Carer Support service can be there if you just need someone to talk through your concerns with or to get advice for caring for your relative. They can be found in their base in St Neots or by contacting them using the details below:

  • Telephone: 01480 211 006
  • Email:

The Bobby Scheme

The Bobby Scheme - protecting the elderly and vulnerable with home security

This service, set up by ex Cambridgeshire Police personnel, provides a safety and security check up and lock installation to those over the age of 60 who have recently experienced a break in. The Bobby Scheme helps elderly and vulnerable people to feel safe in their own homes again.

Find out more about the Bobby Scheme and get in touch:

  • Telephone: 01480 413 311 / 07866 602 100
  • Email:

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