Coronavirus: Keeping your Elderly Relatives Safe in Cambridgeshire

Coronavirus: Keeping your Elderly Relatives Safe in Cambridgeshire

Coronavirus - COVID-19

As we continue on through the social isolation and distancing measures because of the Coronavirus, it is ever important to make sure the most vulnerable members of our society are supported and are able to find the support services available to them.

Age Space has put together all the places online that you can find information and advice for looking after the elderly through COVID-19 in Cambridgeshire. This page breaks down what assistance can be given from your local council, health and wellbeing advice, and more.

Where to find Coronavirus support in Cambridgeshire

Cambridgeshire County Council

Cambridgeshire County Council has detailed the variety of services that they are able to provide to the most at-risk members of the county on their Coronavirus Response section of their website.

Finding help online for coronavirus in Cambridgeshire

This section includes the ability to register someone else as needing help, and unable to find it on their own, in order for the county council to be made aware and to direct local support accordingly. You can do this online or, only if you are not able to do so online, by phone (0345 045 5219).

Additionally, you can find local Coronavirus-specific support services and Facebook community groups on the directory of services for Cambridge City and elsewhere, find out updates on service changes, advice on Coronavirus Scams and explore the other pages for advice.

Local Councils

More localised information and advice can also be found by following the links below to your district’s COVID-19 pages.

Care Network Coronavirus Support

This charity is dedicated to keeping locals healthy, to stay independent, but also to make sure they remain in touch with their communities. To fulfill this goal they have two helplines (7 days a week in normal working hours) in addition to all of the advice and information available for vulnerable self-isolating residents on their website.

Wellbeing Support Phone-line

0330 094 5750 – For those vulnerable adults who are self-isolating to call and have a friendly chat with a volunteers.

Community Navigator Signposting Service

Helping callers get in touch with the support networks in their local districts.

  • Fenland: 01354 695208
  • East: 01353 659639
  • Cambridge City: 01223 300460
  • South Cambridgeshire: 01954 212100
  • Huntingdonshire: 01480 423065

Coronavirus Support from Age UK

Age UK Cambridgeshire & Peterborough

The local branch of this national charity, Age UK has also set up a Coronavirus Support page to help the older population affected by COVID-19.

A map of community support resources will allow you to better find places from which to get support in the area of the person who needs it. If you are unable to access the mapping service or need further guidance they have also got a helpline (0300 666 9860) and email (

Health & Wellbeing Help During Isolation in Cambridgeshire

In addition to the Care Network Wellbeing phone-line listed above, there are plenty of resources available to residents of Cambridgeshire for them to maintain their health and wellbeing through isolation.


Power2Inspire have produced video exercise tutorials for the elderly to work through safely at home. Their chair-based workouts are offered at three different skill levels and are all free of charge. New ones come out every week day in morning, afternoon and evening sessions.

Not only is exercise beneficial to prevent falls, improve balance and increase aerobic and muscle strength, but getting moving can help reduce the mental strain that being isolated can build.

Find out more on the Power2Inspire Website.

Chesterton Counselling

In addition to the therapeutic options offered by Chesterton Counselling, they also have some great tips on their website for reducing Coronavirus anxiety and offer relaxation sessions on Fridays at 9pm via a video calling application, Zoom. These sessions cost between £5-£10 and can help you to disconnect and ease into sleep.

Mental Health under coronavirus


ABLEize is a disability charity based in Cambridgeshire that has put together the mental health support services that are available across the county. The websites they list are especially important for those struggling with isolation, loneliness and worries and anxiety associated with the current situation.

Getting Connected Online

While there has been a lot of media coverage of new online Coronavirus scams, the internet is one of the best ways to connect all-aged members of family together through video calling.

There are lots of applications that provide video calling and Age Space has made some comprehensive guides, found in our Tech section, on how to get started with video calling on House Party, WhatsApp, and more!

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