End of Life Care & Support in Cambridgeshire

Palliative Care in Cambridgeshire

Palliative care involves more than just end-of-life nursing and medical care. Palliative care providers offer a holistic approach to care, making sure that the needs of their patients are fulfilled, while also attending to the needs of their family and carers. They can give physical, emotional and spiritual support, signpost to other services and offer counselling. 

Age Space has a full guide on the palliative care services available to your family in Cambridgeshire

In The Spotlight... Thorpe Hall Hospice

Thorpe Hall Hospice, based in Peterborough, offers sensitive and valuable bereavement support, information and advice for people who have lost a loved one where you can talk about loss and grief at your own pace.

Planning a Funeral In Cambridgeshire

Age Space can help you organise a funeral that honours you loved one’s memory with our guides below. 

Dealing with death and grief

People deal with grief in different ways and to different extents. Making the steps to take after someone has died simpler is one way to help reduce the pain. 

Age Space has found and listed the bereavement services available in Cambridgeshire.