What To Do When Someone Dies in Cambridgeshire

What To Do When Someone Dies in Cambridgeshire

The practicalities that have to be completed after someone dies should be made as simple and easy to undertake as possible, which is our aim with this page; detailing the steps to take and the people you will need to contact when someone passes away in Cambridgeshire.

Dealing with the loss of a loved one affects everybody differently, so finding help and advice to help you through it may be a good idea. Age Space has found the places in Cambridgeshire where you can find Bereavement Support Services.

Obtaining a Death Certificate in Cambridgeshire

What To do after/when someone dies in CambridgeshireThe first thing to do after someone has passed away is to obtain a death certificate for them. Who can give you the death certificate differs dependent on where someone has died. You can find out more about this on Age Space’s national page for When Someone Dies, but read on for Cambridgeshire-specific information on death certificates.

In most cases, if your loved one has died at home, their doctor is the person to call. They will give you a medical certificate to take to the Cambridgeshire Register Offices and tell you everything about what happens next in doing so.

If your relative was in a residential or nursing home at the time, they will most likely have got in contact with a doctor for you and will be able to guide you going forward.

If the doctor is not 100% sure on the cause of death or there was a complication in the circumstances, the doctor might refer the death onto the coroner’s office in Cambridgeshire. A coroner will make a decision on whether an inquest will be needed into the death – they will keep in close contact with you and inform you exactly on what will happen at every stage.

In most cases this is just a formality if the death was sudden or unexpected. It’s likely that no further action is taken and it shouldn’t be something to worry about.

Coroner's Office Contacts - Cambridgeshire

  • Where? Lawrence Court, Princes Street, Huntingdon, PE29 3PA
  • Telephone: 0345 045 1363
  • Office Opening Hours: Monday to Friday, 9:00am - 4:00pm

Registering a Death in Cambridgeshire

Unless a Coroner is involved, you must register a death within 5 days at a Cambridgeshire office, even if it isn’t the one that’s closest to you. There are certain people who can register a death, including a member of the family, someone present at the death, the person organising the funeral with the funeral director, or someone who was living in the same place as the person who died.

To book an appointment to register a death in Cambridgeshire, go online to Cambridgeshire County Council’s website. If the death occurred outside of Cambridgeshire make an appointment by calling 0345 045 1363.

You will need to bring a list of specific things and details with you when you register a death, including a debit/credit card for certificates. You can find a full list of what registering a death entails on our advice page.

Organisations to Contact in Cambridgeshire

In addition to the businesses, organisations and other people that your family member may have had an account with that needs to be closed, you will have to tell a few different government offices the same information. Tell Us Once is a government service that works with Cambridgeshire Council to make this part of telling people a little easier.

Tell Us Once

Tell Us Once is optional to opt into and contacts government services including HMRC, the department for work and pensions (DWP), the DVLA, passport office and more on your behalf, so you don’t have to.

You will be told more about this service when you register the death and you will be invited to opt in. You can find out more about Tell Us Once on the government’s website. Tell Us Once won’t be able to contact private businesses, like banks, on your behalf.

Arranging a Funeral in Cambridgeshire

Organising a funeral in Cambridgeshire

When it comes to arranging the funeral, the first decision you have to make is whether you will enlist the services of a funeral director. People use funeral directors as they can take much of the responsibility off the shoulders of those who are grieving and already have many of the contacts for fulfilling your relative’s funeral wishes in your local area.

You can find a local funeral director to suit your needs through these search directories: